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    I built my first dollhouse back in 1979. I walked into an old fashioned Mom and Pop type drugstore in a small town in western NY and displayed along the tops of the shelves were dollhouses by Greenleaf. I bought The Jefferson and without any experience I just took it out of the box and glued it together. The house held together for 30 years until I gave it to a little girl who lived next door. I started building dollhouses after 30 plus years and built about 14 different models large and small.
    After another break, I just started working on my minis again and I am having so much fun! I am so glad I came back to Greenleaf Forum! :)
    I also play the piano which I taught for years and recently I moved to New Mexico and can't stop taking photographs of this magical place I now call home!

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  1. I have been trying to find an older RGT kit probably long discontinued called 1 Country Lane. It looked like this picture. I built this cute house several years ago and wanted to do another one for a friend.
  2. She gets little treats for potty but I had to do the training like Sit with her kibble. She decided she preferred the treats over her regular food. Also, we have to coax her a bit to eat by feeding her from our hands. After she gets started she generally eats on her own. What a little manipulator she is and you are correct being cute doesn't help my discipline. She sleeps all night so I can almost put up with anything for that one!!
  3. Thanks Holly. She is doing pretty well now with the potty. She makes mistakes but we don't make any big deal about it. Clean it up and move on. The bad thing is, the reward treats she gets she is now not wanting her regular food. Tricky little one.
  4. Thanks Holly! After getting 2 other puppies who didn't make it Lily is a gift. Unfortunately the breeder's conditions where I got Lily was just deplorable. I have never seen such filth in a house! I was so shocked we almost didn't take her. I brought her to my vet right away and he put her on a antibiotic and she is doing fine. I may bring up some kind of investigation about this woman it breaks my heart. Lily was only one of one puppy born and so far she is strong and healthy. I keep busy with her all day so no time for dollhouses right now but she is worth it. I love love Lily! Thanks Rebecca! I have never raised a puppy this young before but its a lot more challenging than a kitten. You put a kitten in his litter and done! They get it right away. Puppies not so much. lol Lily is VERY smart but a little dynamo never stops moving and so distracted when I let her out of her little pen she forgets to go to the potty pad. She's only a baby so I keep working on it!
  5. Finally!!! After 2 unsuccessful tries to get a puppy starting back last summer ...we finally got our little Yorkie! She is so cute and a wild woman! lol My new "mini" project is taking care of this little 9 week old bundle of energy and I love her so much! Please meet Lily.
  6. Soooooooooooo beautiful!!!! Love this!!!!
  7. I opened the box but decided to put it away until after Christmas. Its just too crazy now and it will keep me occupied through the long winter months. I did pick out a color scheme and started to make my wallpaper on my computer. I think that is just as much fun for me as the build. Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas to all who believe! ho ho ho
  8. I couldn't stand it any longer. I opened the Canterbury box yesterday and it looks to be in perfect condition. Does anyone know when The Canterbury house was actually produced? The wood looks pretty dry but no damage that I can see. I can't wait to get started after Christmas. Then again maybe today...lol
  9. LOL Holly! And they are a lot less calories than the real ones! I love making miniature pasties. I might have to make an entire mini bakery one of these days!
  10. I see. I hope to figure out how to post on the forum again. lol I received my Canterbury kit today and the kit box is totally sealed in perfect shape! I am so pleased. I hope that the wood inside is also good. I want to open up the box but you know I can't just open the dang box! I will have to start on it immediately if I do that!
  11. I'm going to the doctor ( in a snowstorm!) to see what is going on with my knee. Way back in September I was wandering around out in the desert and stepped into a Prairie Dog hole, twisted my knee and it has gotten worse ever since. Always something!!!
  12. I didn't know you had to have a Google account to get in. I should figure out how to get my photos on the site and then it wouldn't be a problem. lol Thanks for the review
  13. Hmmmm! I was having trouble getting into my own blog yesterday plus when I went to see how the pictures went up they didn't show up the first time. Aliens again messing with my minis!!! I made way too many printie groceries I had enough for two stores! I'll go check my blog and see what's going on. Thanks I just checked my blog, was able to get right in. You shouldn't have a problem getting in if you use this link. Please let me know if it doesn't work ok? Roxy's Blog
  14. It is very hot down there in the summer for sure Las Cruces is brutal in the summer and not nearly that cold as it is up here in Taos. We are up at 7000 ft and its not quite as bad in the summer. We did have a couple of summers lately that got pretty hot but we don't even have AC! I did buy a swamp cooler this past summer because it was too hot for me! I would not want to live down in Las Cruces for love nor money. uh uh....lol
  15. I thought I saw you wave on the way!!! LOL I live a long ways north from where you were and it was chilly ( or chili) up here. It never got above 11 degrees in the sun! I always laugh when people think NM is hot all the time.
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