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  1. Hi Carolannette - glad you've got the Beacon Hill. Was £202 the total price? I ask because in the past I've been stung by customs charges being added to goods from the US. Are customs charges due on goods from Canada, do you know? Remember to set up an album and add pics of progress as you go! Mini hugs, Allison x
  2. Looks like this is going to be another beautiful house. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment ...
  3. craft-a-holic


    My second dolls house built from the Brooke Road Stores kit by Barbaras Mouldings. Lilies was established in 1905 by Miss Lily Cranston selling Fine Fashion and Accessories. Business is thriving and she is currently redecorating her living accommodation and refitting the shop. More photos will be added as work progresses.
  4. Hi Marianne, thanks for your comment. The kit did need a little ... persuasion, to fit together! That and a very sharp craft knife to gouge out bits of MDF. It is a lovely little kit though and I'm looking forward to filling the interior.
  5. Hi Rachel Allison here! Wondered where you've been. Things are quiet on NLDHG so we'll keep up to date on this forum now that I'm hooked on Greenleaf too. By the way, I'm green with envy because you seem to have acquired so many new houses - if you bought them in the UK where did you get them from? Oh and to keep on topic for this thread - Santa didn't leave me any minis Probably knew there was no room for them at the mo! Take care,
  6. Hi everyone! I built DHE's Springwood Cottage. It was my first ever venture into dolls houses and the kit fitted together perfectly. Subsequent kits by The Dolls House Workshop and Barbaras Mouldings needed a bit of ... persuasion! All these companies only make kits in MDF which is very heavy to work with and I find that "kit-bashing" is nigh impossible. The result is a house that looks pretty much like everyone elses. Not like the Greenleaf kits - I think these houses are so distinct and allow miniaturists to create very individual styles. I could (and do!) spend hours looking thro' the galleries - maybe less time online and more time working on the houses might finally get some finished...lol For info ~ DHE change their offers at the start of every month. Kits are sometimes reduced or combined with either a separate basement or a lighting set. I personally find their pricing to be quite confusing and if I'm honest I don't think I would buy another of their houses. I think you're so lucky to be able to buy the full range of Greenleaf houses in the US. I only know of one retailer in the UK who sells them and the shipping costs from the US make them prohibitively expensive to me. If anyone in the UK knows of another retailer (other than Hobby UK) would you let me know?
  7. craft-a-holic


    The stove looks fabulous and has helped me decide what to put in my Buttercup. Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone :w00t: I've been lurking around this website for weeks and you're drawing me in deeper and deeper and .... After reading a post from a fellow Scot I just had to register so I could add my reply to encourage her not to give up, so here I am! I live just north of Glasgow, am married and have two sons (aged 14 and 11) and three guinea pigs (all boys too, aged 19 months and soooo cute!) As my user name suggests I'm a craft-a-holic. I love all types of crafts but especially dolls houses and needlework, spending all my spare time on these. I only started dolls houses about one year ago and have only completed a Dolls House Emporium kit (Springwood Cottage) which I recently sold as I have another three dolls houses plus a miniature village to make room for. I love to make 'stuff' for the dolls houses using whatever's to hand and have picked up some great techniques from you guys - so please keep the ideas coming. I'm sure I'm going to love this forum - it's certainly a meeting of (like-minded) minds! All the best to everyone at Christmas and for 2008! Allison
  9. Hi Audrey :w00t: I'm really sorry that you should have had such a negative experience on your first foray into dolls houses but, believe me, the dolls house hobby in Scotland is thriving! Just strike that ignoramus off your list - he's not worthy of your custom. My husband and sons think I'm slightly odd in my obsession with dolls houses but they sit for hours making scale models of aircraft and tanks - so where's the difference? More local to me than you, there's a shop in Falkirk, Tolbooth Miniatures, who are very helpful - nothing's too much trouble for them and if you have any "technical" problems in building your dolls house they're more than happy to help. They have a website but were having problems with it recently and are in the process of moving into larger premises. Sadly I've never seen any Greenleaf or Corona dolls houses in there but it wouldn't do any harm to enquire if they will stock them in the future. I like to have a go a making most of the 'stuff' that I need and buy anything else either online or from eBay - or, and you're going to love them, the dolls house fairs which are held at Hopetoun House (South Queensferry) in April & November, Falkirk Town Hall in August, The Swallow Hotel (Paisley Road?) in September and Scottish Miniaturia at Murrayfield in June. I hope you won't be discouraged and I love to see other's work so post your progress when you get started. All the best, Allison Completed: Springwood Cottage (Dolls House Emporium kit) - Sold to make space In Progress: Brooke Road Stores, now renamed 'Lilies' (Barbaras Mouldings kit) Not quite started: The Laurels Georgian Town House (Dolls House Workshop) Still in Box (but itching to get started!): The Westville & Miniature Village (Greenleaf)
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