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  1. Beautiful! Your work is so neat and perfect.
  2. Diana M.

    Day 3 progress

    Your stone work looks fabulous! I love the Glencroft and can't wait to build mine.
  3. Diana M.

    New Curtains

    Beautiful curtains!
  4. Diana M.


    Love, love, love this one!!! My favorite house in my favorite color! The shade of the shingles and the foundation are perfect! Excellent!!!!
  5. The Alexandria is a beautiful dollhouse! For only $50.00, I would definitely go for it!
  6. Diana M.


    Your Tennyson turned out really pretty!
  7. Diana M.


    Beautiful shingle pattern, love it!
  8. Diana M.

    paperclay shingles

    Lovin' those shingles!
  9. Diana M.


    Beautiful bath!
  10. Diana M.


    Thank you Heather!
  11. Diana M.


    Thanks so much Heather and Katie!
  12. Congratulations! Your dollhouse looks amazing and you have a beautiful collection of furnishings for it.
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