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  1. ive been reading the twilight saga ive read them 5 times in a row so right now im reading by the light of the moon by dean koontz just to try and get me away from twilight but i will go back to them after this one they r just so addictive lol i love the books so much i didnt want them to end so now i read the diary of bella and edward on line lol i think i need help but i dont want it
  2. its not about crying in drs but it is about bad dr. back in my home town i knew a girl who was 19 she went to the dr with chest pain and a pain in her left arm the dr told her it was indigestion and told her to go home and take some antacids. well 30 mins later she had died from a heart attack, and that dr still has his job. they get away with all sorts. my little brother was 4 yrs old wshen he died we got up one morning and he had a sore throat and problems breathing so we were sent to schol and mum took him to hospital. when we came home he was gone i later found out what had happened and he had a lump in his throat and the dr did a trachey thing and then left the room he didnt check to see if there were any other lumps and thre were two others which crushed the tube and my baby brother suffocate. this dr still kept his job. i had to see him when i had problems with my legs at the age of 14 and i gave him such a hard time he refused to see me and pawned me off on another dr. the code of practice needs to be re-written
  3. i have two german shepherds one is a femal black and tan she is called memphis and won first place in her very first show when she was 5 months old and held the title for one yr she was prettiest (female dog) in irvine. she even caught a bird not long after that and brought it in to us so proud of herself. i was horrified my dog had done that but she had only stunned it and no other damange. the other one ia a male and is all white is is very placid and loves attention he wont play with with toys instead he lets memphis chase the toy and he will stay and get attention. sly thing. they had pups in november and they have all gone to their new homes and r doing well i miss them so much little balls of fluff so cute and playfull.
  4. sorry u went thru that. i cryied today at the dr's but it wasnt at the gp but at the fertility dr's letter. basically this fertility dr has said they he thinks my hubby and i wud make unfit parents and doesnt think we shud have ivf. he never told us this at our last appointment. i wont give up tho how dare he and who is he to say we wud be unfit just because im ill and i will be for life doesnt mean i wud put my child in danger there r plenty of parents out there in worse conditions than me and they dont have their kids taken from them. im so angry with him and i wont give up fighting as this is our only chance for a child as we cant aford to go private and we dont qualify for adoption because of being ill too. we dont even know if this dr has put us on the waiting list like he said he wud or not. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. im glad ur first session was a good one and that u have a nice therapist. it does make a difference when they r nice and talk to u and not at u.
  6. thank you. wow this is going to be a tough one id better get my thinking cap on
  7. what is it this yr and where can i get it does any one have a link
  8. good for u. i hope it is not too much on the first day for u and good luck
  9. back from another session and it was not too bad this time altho paul didnt seem happy when i told him im not doing the parallel bars. i just explained to him it is not about the fact i will recover b4 the next session it about the days inbetween. i have to live in between sessions and i need my arms to get me around and the fact that tom is going away fishing over the weekend leaving me alone i need the use of my arms. he finally understood and we just did the stretches and the auto bike then the standing frame. i told him about how i plan to ask my gp for sativex now that it is legal to perscribe without having permission from the medical board. i tried it just over a yr ago i know i shudnt have but a friend gave me some and i only needed to use it once or twice a day instead of three times. i had virtually no pain, no depression, no muscle ach i could sleep better and best of all i had no side effects. the only bad thing is that when u squirt it under the tongue it does sting slightly but it goes away in a few seconds. any way the physio wrote it down and i think he is going to look it up.
  10. they r. i even had trouble as i wasnt sure the bit went in a place but cudnt find any other bit to fit. ive decided on my colours im going to do the walls in a creamy sparkle and the roof in a nice brown wood look and the trim to match. and the 2nd floor big room that has the cove in it im going to do drapes pulled back to reveal a table with a crystal ball for fortune telling. im also going to have a potions section with items for sale. i have deffo decided on the witches speak easy. thanks so much for ur advice mini hope u dont mind if keep asking as i go along
  11. minis on the edge what did u use to fill in the gaps on this house im still on building it up to figure out what goes where and there r big gaps where the bits r suposed to fit together but dont.
  12. ive wrote a murder mystery and im still working on the ending ive had interviews with the police so i cud get things just right. i was walking thru the mall with a friend and i was telling her how i planned to kill the next character and a woman heard bits behind us and i got such a disgusted look of shock from her it was so funny i dont think she believed me when explained its a book im writing tho. poor woman
  13. i dont know which is cuter the puppy or ur daughter she has beautifull big eyes she is going to break a few hearts. my male dog was the same with his pups so scared of them when they were born if they moved he ran, then when they got old enough to play with him he loved it.
  14. oh and shave ur legs im not kidding there is nothing more embaracing than getting a male physio and having him handle ur stubbly legs hehehehehehehehehe
  15. the best thing for physio is a comfy trackies and some trainers that r easy to take off and put back on as they get u to remove shoes to do some stretches and then put them back on for other things. we have a shop called primark and it has good cheap clothes i got a pair of shoes for £2 that r perfect and i got trackies and a two piece top set for a total of £8 so it is a perfect colour coded set for physio only. oh and if u have long hair tie it back i know it is an odd thing to think about but it gets in the way. take something to drink and a sugary snack with u so u can recharge as it does help afterwards. i think thats it all i think of anyway
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