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  1. Thank You to everyone!! It is a happy birthday for mr this year, because it is in 2009!! I was never so glad to put a year like 2008 behind me! It has been so long since I posted, a lot of you guys probally don'r remember what fun I had giving away my last birthday--LOL Oh well, those were the carefree days of winter before ole Ike knocked the scoks off Galveston. This year I am to bussy to have any fun with my birthday, altho I am very happy that a lot of stuff is finally going our way. We got the roof fixed!!! We got a heater (after I ran a gas line)! I am on the "recovery commity" for Galveston. Work is a madhouse even though we are in the off season. But all the important things are OK (Julie (DW) Lilly and Tasha (our Bechon's) and we got to take a trip to Arkansas and hug the Grandbabies around Christmas (Still thanking whoever made the gas go down). I don't ever say anything but I still lurk when I really need to think of something plesent. In the famous words of the Governator: I'll be back Kevin
  2. It's a"MAN" thing--LOL I once worked at a plant where we were required to build out own tool box out of 1/4 inch metal with a hasp and lock. We also had a grease gun that pumped grease out of a 55 galon drum (it ran on air). You knew you were finally "acepted" by the crew when you would show up one morning and someone had drilled a hole in the top of your toolbox, screwed in a fitting and pumped your toolbox full of grease--LOL It took you hours to clean it all up! We all acted PO'd that someone had done it but in fact it was a lot of fun--LOL Kevin
  3. LOL, Good to hear from you to Deb!! I am still hopeing to get a call from the Police saying thay have the guy in a room down there; then in a whisper, "bring a rubber hose and we will give you 15 minites alone with him"--LOL (just dreaming) As for Karma, I have met that guy and he can deliver a wickid punch!! I'm over it, I have already replace 12 inch compound miter saw and I will get the others bought again in 6 months or so. What really burnt me up was thay stole my DW's keepsake ring. When I heard her cry, I wanted to take my shotgun... AAAUUMM well, like I said, I'm over it--LOL Deb, I am now smileing--there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel and We are headed out at breakneck speed!! As for the face; I will have you know I OFTEN scared the bejebers out of my childern when that were enguaged in some activity in a public place!! The LOOK!! Thay grew up and it quit working--LOL Kevin
  4. My daughter April told me about this thread--I thought she must be reading wrong--LOL who'da thunk it!! the DH folks seam to be WELL ARMED!! verry NOT P.C!! there is a gun shop down here that sells a t shirt that has two check boxes: GUN OWNER X VICTDOM I love it!!
  5. Oh to live in the Great White North Susanne--LOL I have been watching these things for years, the folks who don't work a job and live in a general irresponsible mannor are the ones who benifit from the "aid". I didn't expect much, but enough to replace a few things would have given us a kick start. Looks like a LEAN Christmas. But hey, at least I don't owe them anything and can hold my head up. On a better note, It's been a BANNOR day here in Galveston (at least at the Loving household)! The new washe and dryer arived and I hooked them up (had to use a heavy extension cord for the washer). You have no idea how nice it is to wash clothes!! One of the many things you never think about but let me tell you; when you are without and doing the "smell test" to find something to wear--LOL #2 I was told by everyone, you had to throw out your refrigerator if it was flooded. Well we just bought ours 2 months ago and I couldn't bring myself to do it. Well I have been taking it apart and cleaning the motors and all the electric connections, tonight I got it back together and it WORKS!!! Thats $600 we don't have to spend right away. It might rust on the outside (salt water is like acid) but hey it will give us some breathing room on the money side. What a day!! Washer and Dryer and we can make ICE!!! Kevin
  6. I bought a YEARS suppy when Wal Mart opened--LOL Funny how you miss the small things.
  7. ROFLMAO!!! You got to be KIDDING--LOL I am a High School Drop out with a GED!! I can't spell and have a face that sometims scares small childern--LOL I went to work when I was very young and just managed to watch a lot of other guys who knew what thay were doing and learned to work with my hands. Please, how "amazing" could anyone be who stays thru a huricane--LOL Thanks Shy, but you got the WRONG guy--LOL Kevin
  8. Heidi, Steve and Gina (and all who have offered help), It really means a lot to have the offer!! I read my Wife some of the posts and we were both touched deeper than I am able to express. Really, the only cure for our problems is time. You can't know how bussy everyone is here. It's been a month and our landlord still has not been able to get a windstorm adjuster to our house. Even if the adjuster came tomorrow, we couldn't get a roofer for a month! I can't tell you how glad I am that I have the ability to do most of the work myself. The contractors are outragous! A lot of people have electric to there meter but can't turn the power on untill a electrician works on the affected lines. At least I was able to do what it took to get one 220 line up and running so we can run the upstairs. I was also able to get the water out of the gas lines so we could have hot water. I can't spell, but let me tell you I am glad i worked all those years in remodeling! If you can't do it yourself, you have to wait (and pay big bucks). I just heard a story about some poor old lady that paid some jake leg contractor $6000 dollars to remove 3 foot of sheetrock from the walls in her house. I think it took 2 guys less than 2 days to get it done. They don't even have to haul it off, the city is doing that. $3000 dollas a day ain't bad wages!! It's sad. We have "contractors" from all over trying to take adavnage of these poor people. and I am sure the stories will continue. When I installed my new hot water heater, there were no flex lines anywhere. Lucky I could plumb it in with copper and a torch. That will be the story here for a long time to come. The city and FEMA is making a lot of people tear down there houses. That is not bad, except the insurance companies won't pay off the morgage so these poor people will have to make payments on a house that is no longer there!! As I said, we are better off than 90% of the people living on this island! I am thankfull! And I have friends like you guys to put a smile on my face. In fact, I would say I am Blessed! Thanks for the offers, but we will be fine "in time". Kevin Loving
  9. Thanks everyone!! You know, I have to give up worrying!! You guys do enough worrying for everybody--LOL Kevin
  10. BTW, I had troube sleeping around week 2 (that explains all the writeing--LOL). Here is something I wrote that didn't get published and I think you might enjoy reading it: Of Abby and Ike On Monday of the week of the storm my daughter and 3 year young granddaughter Abby was visiting us here in Galveston. To me, it will always be the memory of there visit to Moody Gardens that will define what Ike did to Galveston. On Monday, no one was sure where Ike would end up and there was almost no other guests in The aquarium when we arrived around 10am. It was a beautiful day in Galveston and the sun was out but not hot. It was the kind of day that makes you want to brag about living here. My wife and I escorted my daughter and Granddaughter thru most of the attractions that day, but the Aquarium will always be what I remember most. The memory of the sheer glee that covered my granddaughters face for well over a hour has come to my mind a lot as We work to put Moody Gardens back together again. I work on the Hotel side and don’t get a chance often to visit the attractions side and see what must be a everyday sight there; That being a 3 year old little girl running from exhibit to exhibit in what can only be described as joy in it‘s purest form. The joy on her face and the connection she seamed to have with the animals displayed was nothing short of amazing. She announced to her mother several times that she was taking a particular seal or penguin home. The impending storm was in the back of all the adults mind; would it come here? Would a evacuation be ordered? And of course would Moody Gardens be OK? But in the mind of that little girl, absolutely nothing worried her or diverted her from the moment. I remember thinking, this is what it is really all about. All the fussing and worrying and trying to get it right at work, this is what it is really all about. Although I don’t work at the aquarium, I am a part of Moody Gardens and in a indirect way, we all do what we do so a little Girl can run from one exhibit to another exhibit and make friends with a penguin. I am on the storm team and stayed thru the storm. I peered into the darkness while the storm was howling outside my window and pictured my granddaughters face in the aquarium. I hoped and prayed it would still be there in the morning and the animals would survive to thrill yet another little girl. When the sun came up Saturday morning I was delighted to see no missing panes of glass on any of the pyramids. The palms were still bending from the wind and the parking lot looked like part of the bay, but from what I could see from my window we had faired better than I expected. At breakfast that morning I overheard conversation that also assured me the animals were OK. A whirlwind of activity followed and I was caught up in the moment for several days as we evaluated the damage and started the cleanup. I forgot all about the precious face of my granddaughter as we all fell into the massive work that lay before us. Several days later in a particularly frustrating moment (I had several) I was complaining to my self about something someone else should have done, I suddenly remembered her face pressed close to the seal tank, talking to the seal as he raced past her. I stopped and thought; this is what it is really about, it is about a little girl who lives in Arkansas who has never seen or even imaged a place like Moody Gardens. It is about one beautiful place in a world where beautiful places are hard to find. It’s about all the school children and the special needs children that get that one special day to see things that to them words can’t describe. As we all get to the work that lies before us over the next several months, and we spend long hours trying to get our personal lives and Moody Gardens back in shape. When those moments arrive that makes us all want to throw up our hands and get mad, I will always keep the image of my granddaughter Abby close in my minds eye, The image of her face will always be strong enough to blot out the face of Ike or any other storm that might come our way. That more than anything will motivate me to turn this “disaster” into a opportunity and make Moody Gardens an even a better place than it was. Kevin Loving Kitchen Maintenance Moody Gardens Hotel
  11. a big internet Hello from Galveston!!! First of all let me thank you all for all your kind words on this thread!! When I got the e mail on the very breif opertunity I had a working computer I was stunned! I ask April to get on here and update you. Thank You Gina! It was a month ago yesterday when Ike blew in here. To tell you the truth it seams like a year. I had to stay because I was needed to suport the Hotel I work at. The Hotel is where emergency workers are brought into after a huricane. It's a BIG place and it takes a few of us to keep the doors open. My tools and I weathered the storm on the 6th floor. I was so tired form working all of Thursday and Friday I slept thru most of it--LOL. We didn't loose a single window and other than the basements we faired quite well. All the Laundry and Maintenance shops were in the basement and we lost everything below 14 foot (Sea Level). The good news is, if it had gone up another 18 inches we would have lost the first floor and would not have been able to house all the workers that poored in after the huricane. Julie (My DW) left Galveston on that Thursday night (Thank God!!). She didn't want to go but I made her leave (well, actully I "compelled" her REAL HARD--LOL. I think the winning aurguement was: "Think of the dogs..."--LOL. In any case she was in Arkansas worrying about me (the way it should be). OK, Week 1: I visited the house as soon as possible (Saturday night). We were flooded but the TV and a lot of the carpenter tools I had upstairs were still OK. I went back to work and worked till I could visit again on Monday afternoon. I discoverd we had been looted!! It really got me down! To cure this depresion, I worked (and planned Julies return) Week 2: Julie arived on Saturday morning!!! I was soooooo glad to see her. She went right to work at her job so we worked and spent a few hours throwing stuff out of the house (let me tell you, in case you have never done it, throwing almost every thing you own out of the front door of your stinking, muddy house is GREAT FUN!! I could only do this a couple of hours at a time because for some reason I can't have more than a couple of hours of this type of enteriment without getting really depressed) Oh Yeah, we WORKED some more. Week 3: This was the week we moved out of the big Hotel into a smaller motel owend by the company I work for. By this time we had "spotty" electric service at the hotel and 1 working elevator (Thnak You God above!!!). On the pluss side I now KNEW the location of every stairwell in the place-LOL. We were all tired and sore and to one degree or another; depressed. So we all worked--LOL Week 4: Now we are COOKING!! the water is now drinkable, the house we live in has been cleaned and I talked the electric and gas guys into turning me on!! Julie cleaned and I worked on making the house livable again. Thursday night we drove back to Arkansas and picked up the dogs nad hugged the grandkiddo's and got back in time to spen the one month anerversary of Ike in our own bed!! The roof is holey (Blue tarp comming tomorrow--I hope). But on the bright side I installed a new hot water heater and we have ACTUAL HOT water!! Whats more, the cabe is up and I FINALLY have internet!! Why those jerks didn't steel my computer is a mistery, but I am thankfull!! Oh, and we worked. I have just got off the FEMA web site and found out ole uncle sugar can't help us becase we work!! Oh well, my motto with the Feds is: "Expect NOTHING, and you won't be disapointed". We thought they might be worth a couple of thousand to replace a few things (our insurance company dropped the renters insurance we had had for years when we moved to Galveston). Well, as I told my DW; we will work our way out of this and we are a LOT better off than THOUSANDS of our nieghbors! I will have to buy some NEW TOOLS, thats allways a good thing--LOL and I will have to start a new DH (thinking of naming it IKE and useing a blue tarp for the roof--LOL but we will live. We both have good jobs and we will be OK. I know you guys can't understad why I would stay in Galveston after this. That is understandable. Words can't describe this place, it's a mess. The only answer I can give you is, We love it here and Galveston needs us. I know April psoed the link to the article I wrote in the local newspaper. Here is the link to a article the editor wrote ABOUT ME (LOL) after I met him when I dropped my article off to him: http://galvestondailynews.com/story.lasso?...74172a150694317 Kevin (who ACTULLY KNOWS a newspaper Editor!!) Loving
  12. kloving


    Just a fast Thank You to all who understand!! When i moved to Galveston I was told about "island time" This is supost to be that "laid back" get to it tomorrow additude--LOL I must not have the hang of it--LOL I keep telling them we call that LAZY where I come from--LOL It will all calm down! Thanks again for all the kind words and I will keep checking in to read what is going on. I have still got one more segment to the stone making article to get finished up. ahhhhhh SUMMER, Like Sally said, My wife and I can't wait till fall!--LOL Kevin
  13. kloving


    Hello everyone!!!, I just wanted to post a quick note and let you know I am still "kicking" (well bareley). As many of you know I live in Galveston Texas and the business here is TOURESTS. Well "the season" has started and boy it has come in with a BANG. We are SWAMPED. The gas prices are sending folks from Houston to closer destinations and we are 50 miles from Houston. Spring break got it all started and this is going to be one busy summer! The Hotel I work at (a BIG place) is almost completly booked untill Labor Day. I am not complaining, I know with the way things are in the country I should be happy to have more than enough work. That said I have just worked more OT in the last 2 weeks than in the past year! OT is great (I am sure the goverment can use the extra cash--LOL) but at the tender age of 47 it really wipes me out. I will live and all will go back to normal in a few months but I will be not be able to enjoy the forum like I have over the winter. A few of you have droped me a note and wondered what happened to me; Thank You. I am still trying to steel a little time each day at lunch and read some of the forum. I am not posting because I have no idea when I will get back and be able to read the topics. In any case, I am OK and working hard. The thing about Maintenance is; when it is slow there is no presure on the equipment and you have very few problems, when everything is nutts and there are 1200 people seated in the ballroom waiting to be served a Easter banquet---WHAMMO!!! You get the idea. The folks on this board have become friends of mine and I miss you. Please don't completely forget me, if a huricane don't get me (the season for that starts next month--LOL), I will be back to my old self, posting away and fishing for new ideas soon. Kevin
  14. Had a terrible wenter day here!! It was 49 degrees this morning and it took till 11am for it to climb up to a "tolorable" 70 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr Kevin
  15. Happy Birthday Jeni!!! I hope you get a NEW house in the SOUTH!! Kevin
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