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  1. Thank you for all your suggestions - here is a photo of the outside...i stupidly forgot to take it from the inside and now have de-assembled it! Thank you... PS: I live in France so not so sure about hobby shops and all that kind of thing here..the windows are plastic stick on windows so I was thinking I could buy some plastic at a hardware store and some white paint or pen or something - but I am a real amateur so this may be silly.... thanks for your help!
  2. Hello - My question is not concerning a Greenleaf dollhouse, but hoping somebody could point me in the right direction. I am also not a "restorer" in anyway - I am as amateur as they come and can barely put a nail in the wall! After many years in a box (28), in storage in numerous countries my old dollshouse is being reborn for Christmas. I am hoping to give it to my daughter for Christmas. It is a Walmer Dollhouse from around 1977/1978. I have reassembled it and it is in pretty good shape considering. It was never put together with glue so there is nothing for me to melt off..and I still have most of the wooden pegs to build it with. I had a few questions which I was hoping people here might be able to help me with.. 1) I have found no site for Walmer dollhouses but they seem to still exist? 2) Does this dollhouse have any monetary value? 3) I was wondering whether I should leave it as is or paint it etc...and wouldn't want to do anything to destroy the original value..whether it be monetary or aesthetic. 4) It is a sort of Alexandria Manor house - in a not very attractive brown - but painting it another color might ruin its look or alter it...I have the same question abut the wood...should I varnish the floors and walls or keep it as is - very simple wood. 5) It has plastic windows on which were painted(I think) white window panes and other detail...they are all falling apart and coming off and I need to replace them...but with what and how? 6) There is wallpaper on the top floor which is coming off but it stuck...what is the best way to get if off and should I do something to the walls after 7) Some of the wooden pegs are missing so wondering how to stabilize it. Should I glue -and with what? Should I nail? I have a photo of the outside but not sure how to attach it here...if anybody has any ideas or advice regarding my question, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much , Sydney
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