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  1. I agree with others who said they wouldn't have noticed what you pointed out. I think your work looks wonderful, and I wouldn't re-do anything! Maybe you can use accents on the house to play up other tones in the brick in order to downplay the pinkish tones, although I don't think the stone looks overly pink. Is that real stone, or is it made from plaster? How heavy does that make the house?
  2. I love that. Thanks for sharing the pattern source.
  3. Well, everything you did looks great. I tried some Liquitex acrylics before and found them to be not entirely opaque like other acrylics. Did you specifically find opaque in that brand, or does it just need lots of coats?
  4. That looks phenomenal! Is that a kit that you put together? I love that red trim you did. What brand and color is that specifically?
  5. I had thought about the microwave things, Lawanda. As Sable brought up, I did wonder how they would hold up to the weight of the house, and also how it would impact the wood table it sits on underneath. I think I'll get a silicon mat to put under it to protect the wood from the weight pressing the lazy susan in and making impressions. That marble turner is very nice, Sable. I can see why you'd want something more substantial for that house, and something nicer in your living room. If you ever don't want to use it for your dollhouse in the future, you can use it for something else
  6. What a smart idea, Cyndy! That must make working so much easier. As it is, my house is sitting on the board on my sewing table, so I have rotate the entire board when I need to change the orientation to work on it. Kind of cumbersome.
  7. I figured it would be some sort of lazy susan thing, but it didn't even cross my mind to look at a hardware store type of place! Glad they're cheap. :)
  8. Right now my dollhouse is sitting on a 1/2 inch thick piece of mdf, as I want it to have a yard, and I want to be able to turn it easily. I think I got mdf because it was a uniformly flat surface, whereas the plywood had more waving. I got it so long ago that now I don't remember, but there was a reasoning behind it. What material is most frequently used for this purpose? And there must be something that can be placed underneath to spin it, right? What is the favored item for doing this? Thanks! Angie
  9. I posted a couple months ago about the Houseworks power strip I ordered not properly fitting the light plugs. I just thought I would update those who were helping what ended up happening. I didn't want to pry apart my plugs without at least trying to find a power strip that was sized properly. So, as was recommended to me here, I went to Hobby Lobby and what do you know, the holes are perfectly spaced so there is no prying necessary. Despite being outside of the thirty day return period, miniatures.com is going to take it back and let me exchange it. At the same time I also ordere
  10. Sorry to go a bit off topic in this thread, but does the person who made this Haunted Heritage (which is AMAZING!) post here? I wanted to ask a question about the grass she used, though I see she made it years ago and perhaps it's a pointless question anyway. Thanks!
  11. Looking good. I love that blue wash you used on the stairs!
  12. What seems to be the favorite product for sticking things non-permanently to a dollhouse? I'm getting read to be able to add things like door knobs and my mailbox. Obviously anything that is structural on my house is being glued on, but I don't want to glue on those kinds of things in case I want to change them later. I think I saw something about a wax type of thing? I just don't want it to leave bad stains on the house if I decide to take them off. I presume whatever it is you guys use is acid free? I'm sorry I ask such basic questions; I literally know nothing!
  13. That looks wonderful. Those books look so real! I'm such a novice, you had me completely fooled until you told me what you did. :)
  14. What a great idea. Much better than what I did when I started refinishing my dollhouse. I probably changed the color scheme about ten times, which involved me actually beginning to paint it. Such a waste! Thanks for sharing.
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