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  1. Awww the Pickleweeds' family.
  2. and just think, those 'people' are living rent free in your brain right now. let it go! and go play with your minis. I find I have to do that when some person irks me - I have to realise THEY have all the advantage because I am allowing them to live rent-free in my mind. Nuh-uh, no more. :wub: for the record, i never considered that Ernie & Blanche were anything but 'real people'... but I like to believe in happy stories.
  3. I had limited time this morning for yard saling, but one of our local townships puts on a big sale every year so I went to that one. I am a little upset that I didn't spot the dollhouse/birdhouse (I could have converted it into a dollhouse) that was very well made and in nice shape. I got to the sale 5 minutes after they 'opened' the doors, and someone already had it under their arm. :lol: But I did get a nice large spoon corner shelf that is perfect for mini displays... plus a small wooden 'house' (like 2-3 inches tall), a paintbrush holder contraption thing that is kind of a dollhouse;
  4. great find!!!!!!!!!!! congrats. :groucho: my vote is on scratch built too.
  5. thanks for the ideas!! my dog goes through a vial of doggie insulin (actually, it's porcine...) every 5weeks, and he's doing really well so I should have a good supply. My Dh's aunt is a nurse and I might be able to talk to her about the vials. good point Holly!!
  6. Hi all - I have been saving the empty (cleaned) insulin vials that used to hold my dog's medication, but I wonder if they would make good 'minis'. as vases, tall jars?? Also, I have been making the hardwood flooring for one of my houses, and the little half-moon shaped tabs i cut off the coffee stirs - well I can't seem to throw them out - any ideas? and those pesky plastic tabs on a bag of milk (and bread bags too)... what can I make of them? they are sturdy and small.. they MUST have a mini purpose. Any thoughts? (also if anyone is able, could you look in my gallery at t
  7. nice job on the bacon.. did you actually burn the bacon i little bit on purpose? I found a Tut online that suggested it, but with polyclay fumes being toxic, I opted for less well done bacon. lol. all of your mini foods look great!
  8. very nice. I have never been able to get the 'dough' look to the bread that you have... with all the pockets in the bread. did you use polyclay or another kind of clay?
  9. My husband isn't too impressed with the hobby shed, mainly I think because it is housing lots of my stuff that he's not 'into'. But hey, it's out of our bedroom and into the Dollhouse Workshop. HEHEHEHEHE It's snowing here and rather dreary outside, so I am looking for ways to be creative indoors (and not be cleaning house hahaha)... thinking about claying for a bit...
  10. I was able to get it pretty clean and patch the gaps the other day... I am contemplating trying to wire it (will be my first time at attempting such a feat) and decorating in the victorian style...... even though victorian isn't my preference, it would look great I think in my shed along with the more modern pieces. :yes:
  11. No prob Mike - When I finish cleaning my RL house which is a certified disaster zone right now - heheheheheh...
  12. Canadanna


    You're welcome, Ann. You know, you can probably find one on ebay for 20$... LLyn - My MIL has one and they've never shown it to me (I suspect that the think I will ask for it which I have no intention to do so...) but I think it's a similar model to this one. I bought it from a doll collector in our area.. and probably way overpaid for it (based on retail market) but I still like it alot!
  13. I added lots of new pics to my gallery today of the shed.
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