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  1. Lindsay

    Tile Backsplash

    Sorry...I don't have the technique for the granite countertops--they came that way when I bought the kitchen set... Thanks for visiting and commenting =)
  2. Lindsay

    full view

    Yes....close ups PLEASE! =D
  3. Lindsay

    IMG_2250 [50%].JPG

    This looks great! If you don't mind my asking...what material are you using for the stone?
  4. Lindsay


    Thanks for all the comments =) Bre...the shoes are polymer clay beads I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
  5. Lindsay

    Bellingham Farmhouse

    Slowly making progress...
  6. Lindsay


    "As my most esteemed patroness, the Lady Catherine De Burgh would say......"
  7. Lindsay

    He finally sleeps.

    What an absolute cutie! His markings are great! Lovely little fellow =)
  8. I'm with everybody else on this--the lights are great! Your idea is so unique! Wonderful job!
  9. I'd love to shrink myself down and spend a weekend here!
  10. What a fun idea! Your miniature train dioramas are ADORABLE! Good Luck!
  11. Lindsay

    contest b.JPG

    This is GREAT! I love the paint job! He did a wonderful job!!!
  12. What a wonderful little cabin! Please tell your husband he did a lovely job! I love the roof!
  13. I love your Spring Fling! Very creative use of this kit, so neat and tidy and pretty! It truly does look like great little getaway!
  14. Lindsay

    Greek Getaway House

    I love the stairs!
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