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    I do it all, put it together, paint it, decorate it & electrify it. I also remodel and re-decorate and light older homes as well as repair them. This started as a hobby and now is a small time business for me, bacause I make a line of accessories that I sell and also have on consignment in a local Dollhouse store in Jamesport. Check out my album to see the Jefferson and outside grounds.

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  1. Hi: :lol: I used to use the Hobby paints and Quarts of paint to paint my Dollhouses, ( I still use the primer paint and white satin finish) but I have found the Ben. Moore Sample paint. It's a 2 oz. of paint, you have 260 colors to choose from and it's just perfect to work with. Enough paint to do at least 3-rooms doing 2 coats.
  2. Hi: :lol: Does anybody ever use the chat room, I go there all the time when I am on and nobody is ever there. So I chat with myself and boy what great answers I come up with. We should all try to make a time so we all can chat in the room.
  3. Hi: :lol: Cars and scales, 1:12 is made but almost impossable to find, I use a 1:18 scale for my Dollhouse and they work just fine, I go on line and use 3000 Toys, they are all metal, doors, hood and trunk open and you have nothing to put together. The detail is great and the prices are not bad ( $30.00 - 50.00 ), I just purchased an Air Stream RV Trailer from them. Just click on the scale you want and it will show you from old to new, even the muscle cars and custom rods. Check out my site and see the 1955 Olds in the driveway.
  4. Hi: :lol: Your daughter is 9 yrs. old, and you are going to build it with her, I would suggest that you do a small house to start with so there are not so may parts and it doesn't take to long. You want to keep and hold her attention. A 4-room is a great starter, either Greenleaf, Duracraft or Real Good Toys I think are excellent manufactures. All these Co. have web sites to view there Dollhouses. Enjoy and happy hunting
  5. hi: :lol: I don't think the manufacturer of a Dollhouse should make a difference, If you like the Dollhouse and see potential in it, buy it, put it together, decorate it and do what you like with it and then sit back and admire what you just did. I just finished an Apple Blossom without the extension and yes it did go together quickly but when I was finished I thought it lacked something. It did, it was the siding, didn't look as real as the siding on my Jefferson which went up piece by piece and row by row measuring each row as you go, that looks like real siding. So if you lik
  6. :o Hi: A.C.Moore has it's 50% off coupons out in there paper, anyone looking for a Dollhouse, now is the time to buy it. Happy shopping all.
  7. Hi: When I finish a dollhouse, I want it to look like the real thing. I go for detail, check the real house then fill the dollhouse and the outside grounds, check out my Jefferson.
  8. Hi: A very very nice looking dollhouse, you can pat yourself on the back, it is great looking and your presentation was wonderful. You have plenty of detail and looks like you didn't miss much, I love the brick BBQ. I just finished building and finishing the outside of an Apple Blossom for a customer at my local dollhouse store.
  9. Hi: Thanks Tracy and Greenleaf I got my house last week and can't wait to get started on it
  10. Hi: First of all, welcome to the group, sorry I'm a litle late in a responce but I have been busy with work. Your dad did a great job making your first doohouse, do you still have it.
  11. :o Hi Terri: Welcome to the group, if you have a problem I'm sure one of us can help you out with it. Just give a shout and happy building, don't forget the pics,
  12. :o Hi: I have done a few kits, but I like to work with the Chrysnbon Kits. They are easy to put together and are very detailed, look like the real thing when you are finished. The last kit that I purchased was the bathroon, you can check it in my album in the Jefferson. Chrysnbon just doesn't make kits, they make a lot of accessories again very detailed such as china, glasses, silver wear. chairs. desks, check the kits out.
  13. :o Hi: I can't believe I won some thing, can't wait for it to get here and get started on it. THANK YOU AGAIN
  14. :o Hi Jenn: Don't live in Kentucky but will give you a shout any way, welcome to the group. Have you started a house yet ?, and if so, if you need help or run into a problem give us a shout I'm sure some one will be glad to help you with your problem.
  15. :o Hi Clayseed: Welcome to the group, you have done a nice job on your Dollhouse, if you run into any problems give us a shout, I'm sure someone here can help you.
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