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    I do it all, put it together, paint it, decorate it & electrify it. I also remodel and re-decorate and light older homes as well as repair them. This started as a hobby and now is a small time business for me, bacause I make a line of accessories that I sell and also have on consignment in a local Dollhouse store in Jamesport. Check out my album to see the Jefferson and outside grounds.

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  1. Nice look for the floor, I also used the clap board siding to finish a room and hallway in the attic of the Jefferson, when finished it looks like real paneling. I didn't enen stain it looked great as it was.
  2. Sounds like you had the same problem as I did with the Jefferson, lay-out and locating the parts.
  3. Stone work is very nice looking as is the morse on the roof.
  4. I keep looking at that barn, maybe I should try one somewhere down the line.
  5. William

    the back

    Did a nice job, looks great.
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