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  1. Jackiem


    Love the wall color and all the detail!
  2. Jackiem

    New Door

    I love that you used an earring for the door knocker, it looks great.
  3. Jackiem


    Love the candles!
  4. Jackiem

    Sewing room

    I did make both, they were both experments, so I thought this was a good place to put them.
  5. Jackiem


    Thanks, the wallpaper is fabric.
  6. Jackiem

    2nd floor hall

    I can not take credit for the quilt, It was one of my first minis that I bought, and one of my favorites.
  7. Jackiem

    Beacon Hill not yet finished

    My Beacon Hill, started one year ago, and still in progress
  8. Jackiem

    greenleaf 8

    Love this house!
  9. This is so cool, I love all the detail!
  10. Your travel trailer is great it has inspired me to get mine out and finally finish it!
  11. Wow!! Your Beacon Hill is amazing, I love the stonework!
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