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  1. Kimberly,Welcome! I just started my Orchid yesterday and I am really looking forward to building this one, it has been waiting a long time for me to start it.
  2. Hobby Lobby has fairy garden supply's in the garden section, there are fences, swings, topiary ,fairies , bird bath, not sure if it is an exact scale but looks close. I didn't buy anything but plan to after Christmas.
  3. Jennifer, Fast food carriers work also, I asked all my coworkers and friends to save them for me, and ended up with more than enough for a couple of projects in a short period of time.
  4. Jackiem


    Love the wall color and all the detail!
  5. Thanks for the link, I think am going to enjoy checking them all out.
  6. Looks good! I love the clay rope.
  7. That is very nice, I am sure there is someone who will appreciate your offer!
  8. Jackiem

    New Door

    I love that you used an earring for the door knocker, it looks great.
  9. Jackiem


    Love the candles!
  10. Makes me want to do an all white house!
  11. Here is a link to my pictures http://www.greenleaf...lery&album=5213
  12. Hi Cindy, The Beacon Hill was my first house and I spent hours in the gallery looking at pictures, each step I was back in the gallery studing that area of the house. Enjoy your build!
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