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  1. Newbie to newbie, I followed the stupid directions too. Never again. I couldn't get any of my inside trim off when it came to paper so I did the paper template with printer paper. I allowed an extra 1/2 inch around the edges. For the windows and door I slit my pattern to the corners of the openings and dry fit it to make sure it was really going to cover the edges and penciled any adjustments. Before putting up the wallpaper I did the same to it. Before putting up the paper I put down masking tape on edges that weren't getting papered. I used a brush and Yes glue on the wall surfaces - not
  2. Thanks Gloria. I think I would have given up before really starting if I hadn't found this forum. Everyone is so helpful and nice!
  3. I love your house! The pass through truly opens up the kitchen.
  4. Wildwood2012


    Thanks. I wish our real bed was as quick to make up. : )
  5. Wildwood2012

    Stair rail

    Thanks, I have waaaay too much scrapbook paper to choose from. : )
  6. Wildwood2012


    Thanks! You're all so kind here.
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I am really enjoying working on this project. I told my friends that I think I've been bitten by the dollhouse bug! I lucked out and found the Dollar Tree furniture unfinished except for the chairs that have the yucky reddish finish. I might not use them because the seats seem very large now that I have them at home. We have many Dollar Trees here in the Kansas City area (there are 8 within 10 miles of my home) so its just a matter of going to a different one to find what you need.
  8. Wildwood2012

    My First Dollhouse!

    My Orchid exterior completed! And I only glued my fingers together 3 times!
  9. So I said I'd post shots from the inside and here they are. I used scrapbook paper from my stash and applied it with Yes glue. I was going for a country/shabby chic look. I found The New Doll's House, by Venus & Martin Dodge and have used their patterns to make a bed, sofa and arm chair. I made the bed first but didn't have the right size wood for the legs so I cut clothespins in half. Also, I didn't trust my ability to get all the posts in the head and footboard in straight so I modified that and made both one piece. After I put it in the house I realized just how little the Orchid i
  10. This is so sweet! It reminds me of Easter and springtime.
  11. Thanks for all the kind words. I do appreciate it. I have my interior finished now and have started furnishing it. I'll take a few pictures to post soon.
  12. Wildwood2012

    Shutter Garden

    This is delightful! I wish I was closer to working on dh yard.
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