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    Travel is my prime interest. I travel worldwide annually. Now that I am into building dollhouses I will have to shop for minature construction items. The dollhouses I build are given away so someone else can have the joy of decorating. I am also grandfather of two boys and three girls and spend a lot of time with them.

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  1. I have this dollhouse and will never get to work on it. It is available for parts. If anyone is interested please contact me.
  2. I have built two different Bellingham Farmhouses. Unfortunately I have a new computer (Windows 8) and haven't figured out totally how to use it. I got the pictures on a disc but cant seem to get them loaded onto my computer. Still trying. I can figure to email them but that is about it.
  3. I have built two Bellingham houses. (For my two granddaughters) I always reinforce the railings with a peg into the floor. I first drill the bottom of the railing post and then insert a peg into the hole. I have had no problems with this situation and always reinforce the railings. You never know how much "wear" they will get.
  4. If you will send me your email address by PM I will then send you the instructions. I have the full set. Jerry
  5. I have the instructions and would be glad to share them. Just send me your personal email address. Jerry
  6. Please send me your email address and I will send the Madison instructions. I have them on my system.
  7. I have the instructions and will be glad to share them with you. Please send me a PM with your personal email address and I will send them off. Jerry
  8. Oops. Should have said I always ask from them by PM. Sorry.
  9. Hi HH. Thanks for the support. I always ask for a personal email figuring if someone doesn't want to supply it they are really not interested. So far I have had really good luck when asking and I always send the info I have. Fortunately I do have the VH-600 instructions. Jerry
  10. I have the instructions and will be happy to send them to you via email. If you will give me your personal email ID I will send them tomorrow. Jerry
  11. If you will send me your personal email address then I will forward them to you. Jerry
  12. Hey Greg. I have the instructions for the Columbian and will be glad to send them to you if you will give me your personal email address. Jerry
  13. I finally finished the Bellingham that I built for my granddaughter. Please take a look at the photos I posted. Jerry
  14. texasbuilder

    Bellingham Farmhouse

    Pictures of the Bellingham that I finally finished.
  15. There is a Hobby Lobby in Conroe or nearby. I see it from the highway when I drive to Tomball. The windows are standard Duracraft windows that can be bought on ebay. I bought new windows from my DH as I didn't want to have to build all those pieces.
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