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  1. To finish my Buttercup and then to order a half scale (or 1" scale, haven't decided) Diana.....oh wait thats my shopping list for the next few months. 1.) to finish what I start and magically find room for the next one 2.) to write a book or at least finish world building and start writing a book 3.) to not lose weight because I know I won't 4.) spend plenty of time cuddling with my little boy....he won't be a baby forever.
  2. Almost done getting the shell of the buttercup together. I plan on paperclaying it...it's going to be a fairytale cottage.
  3. wow....so I was reading this topic and about to quip in that I just bought myself a buttercup too. My husband for years said no dollhouses, (being that my BJDs are already very very expensive) but he gave in for Christmas that I could get one small kit. I am planning on building the buttercup as a little stone cottage for a hermit witch in the middle of the woods. And of course before I could even start talking, my dog let me know fedex was here with my dollhouse kit....less then 24 hours after I paid.
  4. Oooooh its so tempting...I want to build a new house and its coming at the perfect time. (I had an allergic reaction and my husband told me I can't buy my house kit until I'm better.....makes good sense since my hands are too swollen to sand ) I keep looking at the storybook cottage....its so cute!
  5. The Glencroft is such an awesome looking house! I hope to be able to build it one day.
  6. When my husband (single handedly) carried my new thornhill in, he broke one of the Palladian windows (Each Palladian window costs almost $30.) I've used both elmers and tacky glue...I like the tacky glue much better!
  7. I think one of my friends (who sculpts) uses gesso on her sculpy before she paints them.
  8. I'm off to the dollhouse shop an hour away from me soon (In Warwick RI) and am going to hopefully stop in the bellydance store as well. Its been ages since I've actually gotten to go shopping. I also have to pick up Halloween candy for tonight, We only got one kid last year and I think they moved...so I wonder if I'm going to get any kids at all. We've been doing well, no one's gotten the flu yet in our family....although we've been hit very hard by about every cold to come by. I don't remember the last time I wasn't stuffed up....it may have been August.
  9. awwwww he is so adorable! (I am jealous, I am not allowed to have pets where I live)
  10. eating low fat is not recommended anymore. The current advice is to make sure you get enough good fats. That means almonds, walnuts, olive oil and good fatty fish. (I take a fish oil supplement from Dr.Sears (thezonediet.com) A woman needs 33 grams of fat a day.
  11. wow I was really surprised! I know I eat healthy and exercise and such...but I thought at 50 lbs overweight with bladder issues, I would be higher then my own age. I am 25.7 years old, 5ft 4inch 190 lbs and my real age is 22.8. (I also weigh 17 lbs under what I weighed last time I took the test a few years ago + I've cleaned up my eating)
  12. I am 25 and very computer savvy...however I do not use Facebook (or Twitter and LiveJournal).
  13. Actually it does have caffeine, My Guayaki brand says its 1/4 of the amount of a cup of coffee, but since I use the same leaves my whole day of steeping, only my first cup should have caffeine. (Assuming that it follows the same basic brewing principles of normal tea plants....)
  14. I haven't been tracking my weight (no scale) but in the past month and a half, I have gone from a size 16 to a tight 14. I didn't make any changes to my eating...I am just more active and try to start each day with 2 cups of yerba mate (a type of tea)
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