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  1. Cayrol

    Doll Houses And Furniture

    Doll Houses and Kits and home made furniture
  2. Cayrol

    My Craft Partners

    Mostly I have glued him or painted him because he has to flop in the middle of everything no matter who you are.
  3. Cayrol

    Sea Fairy House

    I bought the house from the Michaels one of the wood puzzle kits.
  4. Cayrol


    My Mare Jack Daniels Black Velvet / aka Momma she is 20 and her daughter Dark Wind ( paint) The mini's Sid (black) and Hoakie ( black and white )
  5. Ok will try this I am 61 and the oldest of 5-my mon and the others live in western Oregon expect for my1 brother who lives for California. I am not married now and care not to again my husband was murdered 12 years ago he was my best friend and there can be no one to replace him for me My 40 year old son lives with me because of a divorce and I apreatice(sp) him every day, He was here when I broke my back and when I had to have knee replaced last fall. The oldest girl works for the state and the youngest lives near Oregon City. Have 5 grand kids. the oldest are pretty much on there o
  6. Have some muslin tea dying for curtains in the apartment above the Kitchen for the cafe. After that think will clean the floor in that room.Maybe can find the dang piece i dropped. Have to go to pick up meds and run to the grocery store after while was going to get the mare out to ride but it is suppose to thunder so means she won't like that. So think will clean house and do laundry cause the son is going to go to help his sister for a week.
  7. My son mowed the two front pastures so now maybe the dang cats will stop bringing me snakes . I helped him do that watching for rocks and weeded the beds as much as I can with my back like it is i have to do it a little at a time. Planted some seeds in the planters and deadheaded the Iris. Just painted some window trim for the cafe apartment and the chair rail. We have to go to Bend tomorrow so that means I can go to Michaels and get some more of there cabinets and I want to check out there charms for scrapbooking. Then the rest of the week is going to be moving the ho train from the spa
  8. I have not really decided what to do yet. I watered the lawn while I was getting my grandson ready to go home. We have had him for two weeks. I forgot how much energy a 4 year old had. All i wanted to do was crash when they left. But I went to Bend to Mickaels and got a few things I wanted but still not what I wanted to make lamps out of. To hot to go on in to Bend to go to the hobby shop wait till next week and my son can drive. But I did get a cute bird house that looks like a Publeo so will work it over I think this nest few days. And got my puzzle houses and put then away. Really need
  9. Was so pretty to day no wind well at least not 40 miles a hour just a breeze. So yard work here i come. Raked pulled some weeds,picked up every thing that blew in on the last wind storm burned that pile and just keep picking up and adding to it' Got the mini's (horses) and brushed then . When got done with them got the big girls out found out quick that better stand up wind when brushed then. But by now I am sure the birds are happy. Brought the dogs in out the kennel so I am done for the evening since I am the only one home I think I will fix me something to eat and work on my hou
  10. Hi does any one ahve the instructions for the newberg along wwith the sheet that shows what sheet the aprt is on? I got a newberg off e bay and that is missing along with some of the main walls..... Thank you I will pay for postage....Cayrol
  11. Cayrol

    walls progressing.

    You are so smart looks like the attic i grew up with on the farm. And you are so lucky I bought a Van Buren that was suppose to be complete off of Craig's list and the walls floors and etc were missing so now i have lots of parts.......
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