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  1. Welcome to the forum!!! The Villages are so nice I have grandparents that live there!!
  2. I have a Department 56 village and they sell strips of plastic icicles that would work!!!
  3. I have to agree butterflyex, your Garfield has been inspiring!!! I love it and I think that I am asking for a Christmas present!!! Thank you for all of your eye candy.
  4. I love your daisies, you must share your secret, either how you made them or where you got them!!!
  5. I went to Joann's and with my 40% off coupon I got a sample pack of the Sculpey clay. The pack cotains 30 colors, which I figured would allow me to do many different progects!! I also got a rolling pin, I have quite a few different tools that I can use around the house for shaping and decorating. This weekend is my test weekend I will have to share pictures of what comes out!!! Thank you all again!!! And I can only imagine why not before a date!!!
  6. Thanks for all of the suggestions!!! I am very interested in the polymer clay from the pictures I have seen. There are so many things that you can do with it. I have a toaster oven that doesn't get used, so I do have that I think that I am going to try a ceramic tile to bake on. Wow grynche you really did get a good deal on ebay. I have been searching ebay for a deal like that now!!! I am heading to Joann's tomorrow I have a 40% off coupon and I am thinkin of picking up some clay and maybe a tool package!! Will let you know how that goes and possibly have some pictures pretty soon!!! O
  7. daisygirl

    My first house

    This is my first house The Orchid
  8. Hello to all!! I am a newbie to the world of dollhouses and you all have got me hooked. I am very interested in all of the do-it-yourself projects. The first thing I think that I want to tackle is clay. I was wondering if you could help me with a starter list of what I will need to start working with the clay? And also if there are any tips that you have stummbled across over time. I am thinking of doing a sweet shop for my mother-in-law and I think that I could save a lot of money if I were to make my own sweets!!! So any links or pictures of homemade sweets would be very much apprecia
  9. Your floors are wonderful!! What did you use to do them?
  10. I would also like to learn how to make flowers and leaves by hand.
  11. Hi welcome!!! Wow what a house to start off with, can't wait to see some pictures of your house!!!
  12. Congrats on your win!!! We all look forward to the pics!! And all I can say is wow what a final grand prize!!!
  13. Ok I am really new to this forum and I am wondering what this contest is and who can enter? That last prize was so cute!!
  14. Hello I am new to dollhouse building and I have been looking at your forum here and there are so many great ideas. I saw a wood floor that was made out of the wooden craft sticks, and I was wondering if someone knew a good lenght to make the planks of wood and also if it is better to stain and clear coat first or to gluse them all down and then stain and clear coat? I was also wondering if there was a good technique for applying scrapbooking paper to the walls of a dollhouse? Any other tips for decorating are always appreciated!!!
  15. I love your shop and all of your little goodies. What size did you make your box? I am thinking of maybe customizing a couple for Christmas gifts.
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