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  1. Thanks for that link! They do have two, now the hard part is which one. ;) At least I won't break these trying to sand them!
  2. I don't want to use the gingerbread "men" that come with the Orchid kit. The wood is very rough and I've tried to sand, only to break most of their little legs off! Sooo I'd like to find something else that would look nice with the architecture of the house. 1 - In order to do an Internet search, what are these actually called? Are they a "finial"? 2 - Does anyone have a suggestion on a different piece, a website that specializes in this type of thing, etc? Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Ahhh! I am so glad you asked this and got it answered -- it's the BANISTER! AHA! I just knew it had a use... and just did the railing on the second floor today and thought, that thing needs a banister. Ok, I'm going to go get that piece where it belongs! (I wonder why the pic on the box doesn't even show the railing... maybe to make us newbies become more creative.? )
  4. Thanks for the reply and some new ideas! Shale, huh. Wow you dollhouse people are such a creative bunch! And rippled water "sheets" - I hadn't heard of that, but will check it out. Thank you! And super cool pond, I must add. :thumb:
  5. Oh Carol, how sweet of you! I'd love to give it a try! There are quite a few pieces that I really, really like in those sets! Please tell me what you would like to sell that for and the best way to pay you (paypal?) ? I could send you a check or money order, whatever works best for you. Thank you so much.! My little naked house is so excited! And on the other responses -- I think I'm officially scared of trying to stain anything! and it looks as though I need an introduction to spackle. Oh my.
  6. First, sorry I have posting diahrrea today! But now that my first is nearing completion (exterior, anyway), I'm wondering how to best showcase it. For now I have a nice big oak desk to put it on, but I don't know, doesn't she need her own special place to show her off? Do you pros buy special cases or build extra wide shelves or ? Where do you put your babies?
  7. Yikes, you asked for expertise and experience and I'm certainly not that! but I found and fell in love with this cute little pair of shoes as an accessory: I found them thru this auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting They arrived quickly and they are even cuter in real life!
  8. I'm finally thinking towards interior, but am so unsure which way to go. Money *is* an issue so I'm drawn towards the unfinished, unassembled sets in the store on this site. Can anyone tell me -- --is the wood pretty rough, ie, do you have to really work hard at sanding and filling it? (I'm not too graceful and fear I'd break more than I'd finish.) -do they go together pretty well, so you can end up with something that looks as nice as the pictures? -do they arrive in sheets and you punch the pieces out? -are the instructions fairly decent to understand? -is
  9. Deb, that so does sound like the perfect next house.! I can't afford to spend this close to Christmas and it sounds like they will be gone soon, but I'll keep my eye on it and now at least I know that maybe birch plywood might be the thing for me. Thanks for all the replies!
  10. Could you tell me where you got those neat little flat rocks that you used for your pond? I absolutely love that pond, I need one! Any assembly tips would be very appreciated, too. I've seen the fake water stuff in the railroad section at the hobby store - is that what you used? Thanks! Rachelle
  11. Okay, I think it's overwhelmingly cranberry. Thanks! (And thanks for the kind compliments as well!) corispice - inside? eeegads. I'm at a loss where to begin, tho I think the furnishings will be the most fun of all! A somewhat old fashioned/Victorian theme, a little eclectic as well. Basically, that's my way of saying I am clueless as of yet!
  12. I am a bit stuck between two colors for trim pieces on the small gable windows. Every time I look at them, I change my mind. This is going on three days of indecision! I've decided to let you folks make my mind up! Pink or cranberry? (The gingerbread trim (I think that's what it's called?) will be cranberry. Thanks!
  13. Are Dura-craft houses pre-sanded? I can deal with cutting my own trim if I can avoid so much sanding and filling! The tab thing isn't nearly as important as the finished wood to me. Just from the time aspect. I get so disheartened when I can't see progress! I love the originality of neat angles, turrets, porches, etc. I don't mind spending a few extra dollars if necessary. I guess I'm thinking that spending an extra 25% on a kit will save me far more than that in work-time. My curiousity is up now about: the Arthur, Tiffany and Buttercup. Really leaning on that Buttercup. T
  14. Hmmm, well I will go check out the Arthur, to be sure. I just wish I could get away from so much sanding and wood-filling.
  15. I am jumping the gun just a bit, considering my first is not complete yet, (I'd put it at 80%, not counting furnishings,) but I'm already daydreaming towards the next and would like suggestions! Keeping these things in the consideration, what might you suggest? -I think I have ADD because all the sanding and woodfilling I've done with the Orchid has made me nuts. I'm hoping for a kit that comes prefinished? -I like the size and Victorian style of the Orchid and would want to stay with something vaguely similar. -I'm not sure about this tab and slot business. I'm obviously
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