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  1. yea, same white vinegar I use for everything else.
  2. Thank you, it took me more cutting of sticks than I wanted but its done now. For the moment things are on hold for the holidays, I just don't have time to sit down and work. I really want to get the rest of the floors down as soon as I can.
  3. yeah, you and me both :lol:
  4. Erick

    First project

    A Van Buren kit I got from a friend.
  5. The stuff I'm using to age the wood is Steel wool and Vinegar left overnight aka 'bug juice'. I discovered the hard way not to keep it in a tightly corked bottle too :thumb: I should have some more pictures of the stairs tonight too.
  6. New stairs are on the chopping block now, so to speak. I've got some pictures of the stairs I'm more or less scratch building in the gallery now.
  7. The only part I didn't like about the kit as delivered were the stairs, they just look too big for the house. I am done with the attic walls and only have the ceiling left to do tomorrow.
  8. heh, the attic is killing me. I am so tired of cutting craftsticks down. I am working on my 2nd box of 1000 right now. I have so little left to do too.
  9. The transformer I bought is supposed to handle 33 lights and I've only got essentially 9 rooms with three of those being the attic so I doubt I'll even get close to 33. I guess as Judy said its a matter of how it is supposed to be played with. I'll need to think on that a bit, thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Erick


    It turns out Vinegar and Steel Wool solution is harder to make than I realized, especially when you grab the bottle of distilled water under the sink rather than the bottle of vinegar
  11. I'm getting close to wiring the dollhouse and I was curious. Is it common to wire the whole building on one switch or is it more normal to put individual rooms on their own switches?
  12. Why thank you, this is the sort of fiddly little work I enjoy the most. When time comes to actually put furniture in the house I'll be completely lost
  13. Erick


    So, how long does it take to age the wood with this stuff? I'd be worried about how the acid would effect the wood over the long haul.
  14. Erick


    Alright, cool, thanks everyone. I've got some supplies to try all three methods. I'll be testing out on extra wood bits to see which one I like.
  15. I've got a bunch of planks of wood laid out now and I want to make them look like an older, darker, type of wood. Any suggestions on how to stain and age them?
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