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  1. I usually stay pretty quiet, but, I HAD to speak on this!! PLEASE do report it, and Thank you for giving the heads up. I just recently had a horrific experience with a seller, I worked with Ebay, I was so upset, happy to say they took the whole mess very seriously! I would not let them get away with this. Thanks again, Leslie
  2. Wow!! I love how your house is turning out!!! I love your kitchen......I love all of it!!!
  3. You did a beautiful job!! The room is colorful and cozy........can't wait to see more of your work!!!
  4. My family has been thru a lot this year. Holidays are going to be different, I am hoping to stay as upbeat as I can. I am vowing to stay as patient and as pleasant as I can be thru the whole season!!!!
  5. Your house is beautiful!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I also think its a sign of the times. Economy is scary, and even the retailers are having a tough time.
  6. Heidi, I saw that same ad!!! I am constantly amazed at some of the things I see for sale on there. What gets me? Some of the 'overly' inflated prices on some things that a 'mini' person KNOWS what the original costs are. I totally understand paying for something, I just want it to be a FAIR price. Meaning, I don't expect it to be 'given' to me, at the same time, I am not paying an 'extremely high price' either. I think with the holidays coming, there will be more to be found listed.......
  7. Living in a mobile home, space is a big factor. However, I don't let it hold me back!! I have not counted my houses for a long time. Put it this way, every inch of space is utilized!!! I amaze myself when I go looking for something, I can play with my minis all day!!! And still not find them all! What awesome therapy!!!!!!
  8. What an incredible artist!!! Beautiful work as always. I am proud of you. Looking forward to this show.
  9. Being on the quiet side, I don't post too much. But seeing this topic, I felt I should!! Thanks to all of you for doing such a great job each month. I very much look forward to the Gazette, and also agree this is one of my very favorite places to be. I have learned so much, and a warm place to go to is great. Thanks again, you guys are great!!!!!
  10. LOL!!!! I've got to remember this!!!
  11. I am so happy to hear this!!! Good for you!!
  12. busyone


    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
  13. Our mobile home is heated with propane. Years ago, in a different house, different everything! we heated with a kerosene heater. I loved it and hated it! The heater did a very good job keeping us warm and toasty. We were very diligent about all aspects of it, and we had no problems whatsoever. Would I do it again? yes. Definitely! Its a pain, but, it does work and it will keep you warm. You will be warm!!!!!
  14. Wow. I feel for you. We live in a mobile home, washer, dryer etc., and our electric bill right now is about $160. Summer time, with A/C running constantly it jumps up about $100. I would be all over that meter! I so much feel your aggravation. Hope it all works out in the end.
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