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  1. Thanks everyone for the love, support, prayers + hugs. So good to be back online Had my 3rd chemo treatment last thursday. 3 more to go. I'm half way there! I go every 3 weeks. The first week after treatment is awful. Very tired and much body pain from the white blood cell booster. Blaahhcckk. This Saturday I go to a hair replacement salon to be fitted for a wig. I've tried 4 wigs and they were all hideous. Pretty funny actually. I had a good laugh when I looked in the mirror. This place I'll go to. They custom fit you. Very expensive. But I'm worth it! By the way, not to worr
  2. Ok, well I put my dollhouse away for a while. Sorry to say. I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer in July, had surgery, then.. My mom passed away two days after I got home. Oh boy. well, I'm on my 3 round of chemotherapy.. got 3 more to go. As soon as I get my enery back, I'll start back on my tennyson dollhouse. I think of you all very often, it's just been a rough few months for me. I'll be looking through all the forums and pics of the progress you have all made since I've been gone. I hope to see you or hear from you soon. Michelle
  3. Awwwww.. I wish I knew about this ahead of time. I would've loved to go. Gail.. I'd pick you up on the way! Ok,, next year??
  4. wow, what a neat idea! ty for sharing that
  5. Congrats on the Queen Ann.. What a grand house!!! Wish I could help on the wiring.. I used tape wire.
  6. Hello and welcome! The doll is so cute!! ( and expensive too.. oh my )
  7. okay.. I was in Michael's today.. Bought a package of 1 inch square mirrors. They can be used for mirror tiling a bathroom wall?? Or for the perfume bottles? Came in a package of 25 of them for about $2
  8. Welcome to the Greenleaf forum!! You've come to the right place for help and inspiration building your Pierce. Browse thru member's galleries, you'll see lots of beautiful work. You'll have lots of questions.. just keep posting and asking for guidance. The folks here are awesome, and will help you any way they can. After 5 posts.. you can start a gallery and upload pics of your progress!! and also... Tip # 1.. Forget the hot glue gun!!!! Most all of us here use wood glue.. Like Elmers. Carpenter wood glue. Welcome to our mini world!! Michelle
  9. Oh I'm so happy for you! Thankyou for describing all those beautifully crafted items.. but I can't wait to see the pics. Let us know the moment you have them posted!!
  10. I'm wondering if the warm up sheet is still the same as it was in 1986. ( my kit is that old). The "Don't Panic" sheet. I could scan it and email it to ya if you'd like.. Just PM me if you'd like. But Holly is right. Most of the info is right here in the forum. And you can keep asking questions as you go.
  11. LOL @ deep doo doo ! I have my packages delivered to my p.o box. I pick them up at the window. Or.. You could have them delivered to your friend's house ?? I don't have a husband ,, but I still get this little guilty feeling spending $ on all this mini stuff. There are worse addictions! Haaa Can you track the packages online? See where they are?
  12. I believe they have those square balsa dowels in 24" strips. Saw them somewhere.. maybe Michaels?
  13. I just happened to be in Michael's craft store today and saw that green moss stuff. They also have some green kinda powdery pour on stuff. Sorry I didn't pay attention , but it was next to the styrofoam castle kits w/ accessories. Hope that helps a bit
  14. I love it! The mini pic of your son is the perfect touch.
  15. Oh ty for that info.. If I get up that way, maybe on my way to Earth+Tree someday soon.
  16. OK,, I broke down and ordered an Easy Cutter from Ernies. Used the 20% off coupon. No more whining about cutting trim. I promise! ( I'll find something else to whine about I'm sure)
  17. Well, I received my order from Manor House yesterday.. Window/door trim.. I'm stumped!!! I have no idea what I'm doing and I think I really need an Easy Cutter. Woe is me. I'll be going off to the mainland tomorrow.. maybe I can find an EasyCutter at ACmoore?? Or Joanns?? Rain finally ended tonight. I'm up to my neck in mud. Thought about building an ark, thought it would never end. On the bright side... it wasn't snow!!! Ok, I'm off to browse the galleries to get an idea of how to trim up my interior doors and finish up the crown moulding and baseboard. Wish me luck.
  18. From the album: Tennyson

    Daisy's new perch
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