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  1. I must learn to cross stitch!!!

    Wendy, this room is so beautiful. Infact. All your rooms are gorgeous! I'm going to make two children's rooms in the attic of my Tennyson. Boy + Girl, (my kids). I've got the carpet and wallpapers picked out, and now that I've seen your girl's room, I've just got to paint all the furniture white!

    You're houses are my favorites. (shhhhh.. don't tell anyone) lol

  2. You do an excellent job at wallpapering.. I'm about ready to wallpaper and I'm scared to death.. lol. I hope mine comes out half as good as yours!! I've never wallpapered before.. and I'm not sure how to go about papering in the bay windows. Hmmm...


  3. OMG, It's adorable! I love colors, the added touch of Pink is perfect!

    I'm doing my wood floors.. Gee, I didn't even think of adding a threshold,, darn. maybe I can go back and add them ,,hmm.

    VERY Nice!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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