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  1. Well Wendy, You've done it again!! You never cease to amaze me with your talent and craftiness!! Thanks for sharing with us! Michelle
  2. Pam, here's a list of people here who have done the Laurel with photos. Look in their galleries. dollhousegirl Esther Color Me Holly Pam Deb Adallae Josi Hope that helps you decide on color or stain. I personally would paint it white or the darker blue. (Same colors I have chosen for my Tennyson.) Let us know what you decide!! Michelle
  3. Oh Summerdaisy,,, I must know what brand it is,, any pics of it? I still need ceiling in a few rooms. Awesome that you found something, love those "mini finds".
  4. Hi Melissa, Welcome to the forum! We all love to see and share pics of our dh's in progress, so be sure to take pics as you go! You seem to be getting around the forum ok, and you know people here will help you as well. You're daughter is going to be so surprised on Christmas morning! How old is she? Good luck and have fun, Happy Holidays! Michelle
  5. Welcome to the Greenleaf Forum Douglas! (my brother's name too) I'm building my first dollhouse too. If I can do it, you can too, especially where you have experience with models. Read up on the threads here, check out how people have built their houses in the blogs and look at all the beautiful work in the galleries. Some really talented folk here. As you build and have questions, someone here will help you if you run into any snags. You can also do a search. Just type in the keyword subject you are looking for, and the subject results will come up on the screen. Pretty cool. Good luck, I hope you do the Pierce or Garfield. My two favorites. ( I just wish I had the room to build them!) Michelle
  6. My 14 yr old son is interested in castles. He's constructing a castle like building from the Lord of the Rings movie. He just loves midieval characters. I'm going to do a fishing/hunting lodge log cabin soon. I'm not sure about for a 4 yr old. You'd have to have a very sturdy house, and block wooden furniture. Things that aren't so delicate. I'm glad your kids are interested in the mini stuff. It is a fantasy world we get drawn to and your imagination can create so many different settings and scenes in the house.. I just love it!! I love the idea of a fire house! With the pole to slide down. I'll bet the boys would love that. And a shiny red fire truck.
  7. I'm going over to the mainland on Dec. 22. Where is this shop exactly?? I wouldn't mind taking a ride up there for a good mini sale. I'll have to mapquest to see how far Billerica is from Cape Cod.
  8. I swear I have the best Ex around. Last month he bought me a new flat screen computer monitor. This weekend he went out and bought me a digital camera!!! It's a Nikon Coolpix S200. I've never owned a digital camera and now I finally have one.. How awesome is that?? Now I've got to read the booklet and learn how to use it. Does anyone else have this particular camera? Do you like it? Is it easy to learn how to use? This one takes video movies too. I'm so behind in the technical world. lol Well, now I can take really nice pics of my dh and mini stuff and it will be easier on your eyes than the blurry webcam pics! I'm so excited!! I just had to share this with Y'all!!!
  9. Well thanks y'all for bringing this to my attention. I didn't know you could change skins! How cool is this?? Learn something new everyday they say. Oh I'm getting in the holdiay spirit, all decorated here at home 'cept for the tree, getting a real one, don't want the needles falling off just yet so will wait a couple more weeks. Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks Dean and staff!
  10. Oh! Can't wait until it comes out, looks like a great read, and I love the cover picture!
  11. Wholly Smokes Melissa!!!! That is one humungous house!! Thanks for the pic, cause now I know for sure it's way to big of a build for my house. Darn it too, Cause I love the Garfield.
  12. Oh how nice to see them in your houses. I get a better perspective on size and how it fits in the room. Very nice bedroom Greg. lol. Cat thinks so too! Graz, I hope your dh's aren't lonely up there by themselves with no one to oohh and aaahh over. lol I can't wait to finish my Tennyson,, I'll display it on a table in front of my bay window. Move over Christmas tree! Ty for the pics.. gets me motivated to finish w/ mine so I can display it for all to see!
  13. Now that sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving! I'd rather have prime rib too!! Turkey? ehh. I do have half the bird left over to make lost of sandwiches and turkey soup. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
  14. Wow, that was awesome! I got a free trial of photoshop,, couldn't figure out how to use it! I'd have to have someone show me. I'd love to learn how to do those graphics. TY for sharing Greg!
  15. I also have the ACmoore coupons 50% off on Friday, 40% off Sat-Wed.. I can't use them, I'll email to anyone who wants them.
  16. Oh that would be just terrible! I was planning on a trip to ACmoore in a few weeks.. Maybe I'll call ahead to make sure they have dh supplies. I got an email from HobbyLobby, coupons for in-store purchases. 50% off Christmas stuff. 40% off any other stuff (dh). I don't have a Hobby Lobby. Would anyone like me to email my coupons to them?? You can use one per purchase.. Just keep going back thru the register, lol. Let me know. Happy Turkey day!!! Gobble, Gobble
  17. I've been trying to open the 45 degree angle template on this link. My computer won't recognize it. I have acrobat reader. Don't know what the problem is. I am so frustrated! Anyone have any ideas or solutions to my problem? ( Besides buying a miter box.)
  18. How much does this implant procedure cost? I have a missing tooth too. I had the dentist yank it because it was cheaper than a root canal, which of course my insurance wouldn't pay for. It's really not that noticeable , only when I smile really big or laugh with my mouth open. But I'm just curious as to whether or not I could afford it now.
  19. Heidi, I'm glad your husband is going to the Doc and going to get the medical help he needs. Most men won't go to the Doc,, They wait til it's to the point of the emergency room. (or worse). Meds, diet and exercise will bring that BP right down in no time. And if you have to, sneak the low fat, low salt foods in to his diet, lol. How is his cholesterol levels?? That is something to watch for as well as the high BP. Thoughts and prayer of course are with you. Keep us posted on his diagnosis/prognosis. Michelle
  20. I had the same problem with my left wall. It was warped and i didn't really realize it until I went to glue it and it didn't match up. I have quite a bit of a gap on the side of the house now, but I'm building it up with spackle. I put on a layer, let it dry, add another, until it's all filled in and sand it smooth. Spackle's a good thing!!
  21. MichelleG

    Attic Bedroom

    I must learn to cross stitch!!! Wendy, this room is so beautiful. Infact. All your rooms are gorgeous! I'm going to make two children's rooms in the attic of my Tennyson. Boy + Girl, (my kids). I've got the carpet and wallpapers picked out, and now that I've seen your girl's room, I've just got to paint all the furniture white! You're houses are my favorites. (shhhhh.. don't tell anyone) lol
  22. Hi Ben, Welcome!! Can't wait to see pics of your progress of your Garfield! I'm on my first dh, and everyone here is so helpful. You've come to the right place! Michelle
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