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  1. I buy them too!! I made crab rangoons this summer, as we got fresh blue crab here on Marthas Vineyard. Too much trouble to make the wraps, when they are cheap enough at the grocery. Let us know how they come out!
  2. Glen, Your little girl's house is spectacular!
  3. Lots of goodies there, I love the toothbrush/paste, w/ cup and dentures!!! I've bookmarked it, can't shop for minis 'til after the holidays.. maybe tax return time? Aaaaghhh
  4. My interior doorways are only 2". Let me know what you find and where? OK?? ty, Michelle
  5. That was great!!!! Thanks for sharing it w/ us!
  6. I have a roll of screen I bought to rescreen my iguana cage,, Maybe they have even finer woven screen.. at the local hardware store,, or home depot. You can buy it by the yard.
  7. Love it! It's so pretty. The guys must love it too. lol I (well, my son ) has Legolus too. all the characters from LOTR. He's hot!
  8. MichelleG


    Ditto! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!! One of my favorite things this time of year is watching the Christmas shows on tv with my kids. Rudolph, Frosty, etc.. Most of my shopping is done. Took a trip to the mainland yesterday. Darn toys get more expensive every year! It's the gifts they want that are expensive, high tech toys and games. sheeshhh! I got alot of inexpensive edible gifts, cookies and candy in tins, etc. and I'll be baking my own for gifts as well. I hope everyone has a nice relaxing, stress free holiday season!!
  9. I'd love to be able to go too. Too far away, (no passport). I love the music from the 70's.. my era. Zeppelin, Aeorsmith, Rush, AC/DC, etc. I have alot of it in my music files from Limewire. I went to a Rush concert this past summer. Awesome show!
  10. Awwwwwwwww They're beautiful No more babies for me.. my kids are too young yet to give me grandchildren,, what's a gal to do? Admire other's little ones. Thanks for sharing w/ us!
  11. You guys are a riot!!! Thanks for the entertainment.. don't stop! Haaa haaaa
  12. Yes.. I'd love to see some pics too! Years ago I started collecting blue bottles. (I'm a collector of things too). If I happen to see one at a flea market or thrift store I'll buy it, but I've never searched them out online. I also collect Wizard of Oz memorabelia and have lots of goodies. Unfortunatley, my new home here is small, no storage space. I need shelves!!!
  13. Gayle, Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Thanks Deb , I'm going to the mainland tomorrow.. Walmart and Christmas Tree shop. Need lots of stocking stuffers. And I like to wear holdiday jewelry too! I've gone on the walmart website, but there's so much that's just not advertised online, so thanks for the tip!
  15. Hobby Builder's Supply . com (Miniatures.com) has columns. They are called Corinthian Columns and are 10 7/8 inches high. A pair of them for $10.89 Wondering if they are for outside or inside the house, As my ceilings are only 9 inches tall.
  16. How do you open that link? It says my adobe is outdated, darn, darn!
  17. For me,, after I wallpapered the whole room, then I went from the outside and cut the paper through the window.
  18. Oh how cool that was! She makes it look so easy. Maybe I'll buy some fimo and give it a try! ty for sharing that.
  19. Who is it that banned the word Christmas? and Prayer in schools? Some schools are forbidding decorating for Christmas, for fear of offending muslims, Jewish or other religions other than christianity. We can say happy new year, Happy fourth of july, Happy halloween. But can't say Merry Christmas? Bunch of heathens , that's who. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc..
  20. dh's and Ben Affleck! What more could a gal ask for? woohooo
  21. Wow Arda, that is so cool.. a soap dish even! Happy Birthday!!!
  22. >covering ears< Nope, not listening to any news about sales!! Aaaaghhh Can't mini shop until after the holidays. (waiting for my last order til Jan.) Forgot to check the post office today, maybe my stuff from Manorhouseminis is in. And thats the last until a really good sale,, like maybe 50% off would be a good one.. yeah.. let me know about 50% off sales.. til then.. Lala la lalalala la >covering ears<
  23. I"ve seen that house before, and for the life of me I can't remember where.. I looked under Duracraft, Greenleaf, Corona concepts. Hmm it'll come to me. Someone here will recognize it I'm sure.
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