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  1. Congratulations!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!! Awwwwwww.. babies are awesome, that's great news, I'm so happy for you!
  2. No pics of the front of the house?? Hmmm..
  3. Okay,, call me crazy but.. I can't seem to get over my childhood fears and buy dollhouse dolls. I think it was from an episode of the twilight zone where there were these different characters..trapped in a huge box.. trying to get out.... and at the end you find out they were only dolls. , So I'm thinking that little dolls will come to life when I'm not around or while I'm sleeping.. and I'll look and see that furniture and stuff has been moved around.. Freaky stuff. I have regular sized antique dolls, that don't bother me. lol go figure.
  4. When my computer is slowing down, it usually means it's time to defragment and clean the discs and reboot. Works like a charm every time!! Especially after clicking on to so many pages and photos on the greenleaf forum. My computer can't take all the excitement!!! Get's over loaded. (kinda like me) Give that a try... let us know if it worked.
  5. It's gorgeous!! It would go perfectly in my Tennyson master bedroom!! Hint, hint. I'll have to get some recent pics, I have wallpapered, and painted the moulding, just need to figger out how to cut the angles and glue in, then will snap some photos. Wendy is so talented!! TY for sharing w/ us,,, (you lucky duck!!!)
  6. Oh Rhonda, that's too bad. sheesh!! Should contact the company, maybe you got a defect kit.
  7. Cool stuff! I wish I had known about that website catalog to order before christmas.. lot's of fun novelty items I'd love to give for gifts. Darn. Love those dolls.. their exquisite!
  8. Oh I love them all!!!!!! Especially "the night before Christmas" one. Fantastic!! Ooh I gotta find me some of those book boxes next time I'm on the mainland!! TY for sharing w/ us!!! Michelle
  9. Jeni,,, You took the words right outta my mouth!! ha ha The snow's really coming down right now. 12 noon. And I have so many errands to run, son's volleyball game,, then football banquet tonight. My son was in the local newspaper today. He won the big prize at the Rod and Gun club's Black Powder tournament. It's at MVtimesonline,com,, or MVtimes.com??? I'm such a proud mama!! Ok, well,, everyone that's getting the snow.. be careful if you have to go out and drive!!
  10. I'm kinda excited to be getting our first snowfall today. Unusual for me.. I can't stand the stuff!! I'm getting my snow shovel ready (for my son) ha! I have one appt today to go to. Then P.O. too , send off Christmas cards. Then work this afternoon, my client lives next door, can walk. Heidi, how lucky for you to have a Walmart near you and it's open late so no kids! I went to the mainland last weekend.. to Walmart. Some woman had a 2-3 yr old, who screamed and whined the whole time I was there. I swear they were folllowing me around the store.. I almost went insane!! She was trying to bargain w/ her, bribe her to stop crying. For pete sake! Take the kid home! She obviously needed a nap. My kids never displayed that behaviour in public.. I didn't allow it!!! I guess I'm old fashioned when it comes to discipline and proper behavior in public. If my child was cranky I'd take him/her home... not subject others to it. Good Lord!! Maybe I'm getting old and cranky myself. I dunno. But I wish I was near a Walmart that was open late. I wonder how much snow we'll get today. Also another storm coming this weekend. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  11. And only 200 of them being released!!! I want one soooo bad!!!! Waaaahhhhhhh!!! ..but Santa.. I've been really good this year!!
  12. That was a great page! Lot's of information. I loved the old dollhouses and especially the 60's and 70's.. when I was a little girl. I remember the old metal dollhouses and plastic furniture. The old catalogs,, hmm.. I wonder if there are any left out there somewhere. Would love to get my hands on one and some antique dh furniture. Too bad the prices aren't the same today! Thanks for sharing that. it kept me busy for a while!!
  13. Those are some great Christmas crafts! TY for sharing!
  14. Wow! How awesome is that?? And all those goodies to go with it? yes.. you are a lucky duck! And I"m not too proud to admit it.. I'm jealous!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!!!
  15. Yes... my Tennyson sat in the box.. went thru about 4 moves in 14 yrs. When I finally decided to construct it.. it was warped. Ehh. it's not too noticeable. ( I hope).
  16. Oh and don't forget magnifying glasses.. I couldn't believe how small those brads were. I kept dropping them too. Wish I had gotten the tool to insert them. If I were you, I'd try to determing about how many lights you want.. then buy the wiring kit from HBS.com. I found using the eyelets were easier to work with. they come with the kit as well. They have the instructions in the kit, that was very helpful. Good luck!! Let us know how it goes
  17. No snow here yet either.. We are the last ones to get any. It's the salt air that melts it ,, no.. really! I'm not goofy like your neighbor!
  18. That's one gorgeous house!!
  19. Congrats! That's awesome!! OOps.. hit the button twice. How do you delete?
  20. MichelleG


    I said I wasn't going to do it this yr. Blow all my money on Christmas.. Well.... I did it again, and still not quite finished. Can't find something for someone who has everything, (and doesn't like nic nacs). I'm gonna start baking soon. Bake my Aunt and Uncle some treats using Splenda, as they can't have sugar. My son's birthday is one week before Christmas. Will have a little pool party for him and pizza or chinese food afterwards. 'Tis the season!!
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