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  1. That's awesome! And is that my Tennyson? I love the mini rolls of wrapping paper, that's so cool! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Michelle
  2. That's a great craft idea. And no one will eat it!!
  3. That got me all choked up. What a happy ending for sure.
  4. Welcome back and Congrats on the new baby!! He's adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your's, Michelle
  5. Give it a coat of varnish or poly Urethane.. sand it smooth. And another coat or two til it's filled in and smooth and shiny. If the gap is that noticeable, fill it with wood filler yeah and give that a swipe of stain,, then varnish.
  6. Just thought of a Christmas present for my mom!! A hook a rug kit!!
  7. Those rugs are beautiful! I'll take one of each please,, real size! LOL Now,, they look like Hook A Rugs. We used to do those. Came in a kit with a tool, and 3 inch size pieces of yarn. I never heard of punch needle. Is it just a Canadian thing? OR something new? Anyway.. They are fantastic.
  8. Wow, it came out great! Great color too.
  9. Agnes, I watched that episode on Hitler today on the History channel.. very interesting. That man was very sick indeed, both mentally and physically. I do private home care and get to watch alot of the history channel with one of my elderly male clients. Easy job. We have lunch and watch alot of tv. The only shows I really watch regularly are "Two and a half men" on Monday nights and "Rescue Me" on FX on Wednesday nights. A friend of mine is an actor and is on that show. He plays Uncle Teddy. I've been meaning to ask him when the show is coming back on. I haven't even seen repeats of it. Where did it go??? "Medium" is one of my favorites that will be coming back in January. My son is looking forward to "Lost" coming in Jan. too. Other than those shows,, I watch the news or QVC. That's about it. I believe they'll settle the writers strike soon. The show must go on!!
  10. Gorgeous! Really beautiful work. I may now reconsider getting dolls for my house.
  11. Arda, those are awesome tutes on bricking and stone work. Don't forget to take photos !!
  12. Fantastic job on that fixer upper. Those children will have a very happy Christmas. God bless people like you who give to those less fortunate.
  13. Oh yeah,, I've gotten Dollar Tree furniture in the past too. The cherry pieces and also they had white painted ones,, a vanity w/ mirror and chair, a dresser, ect. they had a flower painted on them. I sanded them off and repainted them all white. April, I made a bed out of scrap wood . in my gallery. If I can do it, you can too. Wenlaine makes alot of beautiful handmade furniture. I love that Dollar Tree, everytime I get off to the mainland I try to get there. Lots of goodies for a buck!!
  14. Awesome site!! TY I hope someone gets me ink for Christmas.. I'm all out!!!! Waaaahhh
  15. Darn.. oh darn!! No Hobby Lobby near me! Ya think it's 50% off online purchases too?? Or just the stores? Hmmm.
  16. I have a shoe box filled w/ miniature things and household stuff I've been collecting to use. bottle caps, etc. My cat Daisy, puts her whole head in there, rummaging around, picks an item and takes off with it!! I have these little fur mice for her to play with. She brings it up on the bed, drops it in front of me. I throw it out of the room and she runs and gets it and brings it back. This will go on and on. A retrieving cat!!!
  17. It's gorgeous! The kitchen is so cozy, and I love your crocheted afgans.
  18. Heidi, I wish I had thought about that when I was electrifying. Those brads were the dickens to get in. I finally finished up with the eyelets the kit came with and the pointy tool to push them in. I bought the wiring kit from HBS, came w/ everything including easy instructions.
  19. Looking good!! Yes.. I love the floor too. Did you piece it together or is it one big piece?
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