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  1. How about trimming it using frosting?? ( Use a frosting bag and tip filled w/ caulk. You could tint the caulk)
  2. Darn,, it's a download.. I can't download anymore things on my already overloaded computer.. Maybe you can upload it on to your gallery?? Ack!! How do you delete a double post?
  3. Darn,, it's a download.. I can't download anymore things on my already overloaded computer.. Maybe you can upload it on to your gallery??
  4. Oh my gosh , it's beautiful!! How creative. I love it! Now.. hmm. where to get beautiful marbles like that? We've got a bead store here,, bet I could find something there,, yeah , yeah. Greg , Thanks so much for sharing w/ us Michelle
  5. Hi Gary, Welcome! You've already gotten some great advice, and if you have questions along the way you are in the right place. Everyone here is so helpful. What an awesome brother you are to help your sister with her dollhouse. She's so blessed to have you. (Awww.. I miss my brother! We are very close , just not geographically.) Yeah. and umm.. I'd love to learn how to put a softail together!! I used to ride, (on the back) and I miss it. You got a bike? I'd love to see a pic. Would have to put it in Chit Chat or PM it to me. Good luck w/ the building of.. ?? Which house is it?? Don't forget to post a gallery of your progress and keep us informed!! Michelle
  6. Oh Dawn, I forgot to ask... Where did you get the front door? What size is it? I do not like the doors that come with the kit and am looking for a replacement. I don't know where to start or what to measure. Thanks, Michelle
  7. Another good site is ManorHouseminis.com Every week they have items on sale up to 68% off. I've gotten some good deals there. Otherwise I shop at Miniatures.com
  8. Dawn, I love what you've done! So unique. The front door is fantastic. Is that hand stenciling inside? I love the exterior colors.. Great job, can't wait to see more, as you know I'm still working on mine!! Thankyou, thankyou for sharing!!! Michelle
  9. OH. Thankyou for that tip! I'm still trying to decide on exterior paint colors, and it's time to make a decision. I'll put that on my list of stores for my next trip to the mainland on the 26th. Michelle
  10. Oh I'd love to see a tour of the Greenleaf factory and meet the people behind the scenes! Also, maybe a start to finish on constructing one of the dollhouses. And putting together the furniture kits, stairs, etc. Oh I can't wait for this!! Let us know when when the airing date is!! Michelle
  11. Hello Rebecca, Welcome to the forum!!! I'm also in Massachusetts. On Marthas Vineyard. I too am working on my first house, the Tennyson. pics in my gallery. This is a great forum with a bunch of really nice people to share your new hobby with. The folks here are so helpful, so when you are stuck or just have a question, post it and someone will give you a hand. The talent and creativity is outstanding here. I can sit and browse galleries all day long. Good luck w/ your Lily, we can't wait to see your progress. (hoping you have a digicam). Michelle
  12. From the album: Mini Stuff

    After pulling off the cardboard off of the soda twelve pack, it looked like the makings of a couch. So.. this is what I came up with.
  13. MichelleG

    Mini Stuff

    Mini Stuff
  14. From the album: Mini Stuff

    Fireplace w/ white+blue tile work.
  15. Yeah. that's just adorable.. if you are into pigs.. lol
  16. I'm also on my first dh and haven't painted the exterior yet. I've been convinced that regular house paint.. latex satin finish.. can have it mixed to any color you want. I have used craft paint on wood projects and that seems like it would be ok for the dh's too... But seein' how my family owns a hardware store w/ a paint dept., I'll have my paint custom mixed.,,, with my discount of course!!
  17. My brother.. God Bless his soul.. sent me a check for $100,, said "buy what you want.".. So of course I'll make a list and click on to HBS.com. I "need" lots of stuff!! And Ohh. I'd love to have an Elvis bottle of wine... I don't drink it anymore, but would love to have it in my Elvis collection.
  18. I don't have an easy cutter .. I tried to imagine how the angles should go.. I had a hard time at it, the 45 degrees.. now, I'm trying to figger out how to do the angles on the bay windows.. maybe I'll just leave the trim on that out?? Or.. ask one of my male friends who work in construction to come over and help me with the angles and cutting the trim and moulding. I'm just using the blade cutter that would go with a miter box that I don't have. Hopefully it will come out right. I've been at a stand still lately with my Tennyson... gotta clear out all this Christmas stuff and start again soon.
  19. I always wondered that as well,, as I see how big my dh is finally erected. I can't imagine having as many as some here do. And Gina.. I feel for ya.. I was robbed once too.. got all my jewelry, some pieces very sentimental.. my deceased Dad's diamond ring.. my engagement ring.. etc.. it kills me to think about it. Karma will catch up w/ those robbers. you can count on that.
  20. Haaa!! I'm glad mine isn't the only one a bit warped. My Tennyson sat in the box for about 14 yrs.. went thru a couple of moves.. and when I finally decided 3 months ago to attempt to build,, well, a couple major pieces were warped. Oh well I don't think it's too- too noticeable..yikes! All in all, it's looking pretty good for an old kit.
  21. Won't be the last blade you break,, trust me!! Better keep a supply of them handy. I also did a bit of bashing, deciding not to use the stairs. I floored and ceilinged over the hole. Now I'm thinking I want the stairs... decisions.. decisions!!
  22. Even my son says that they're cool! He loves wizards and wands.. He's currently reading "The Hobbit"., and is a huge fan of the Lord Of The Rings.
  23. Wow, Beautiful cabinet. You've inspired me again!! Those plants look so real. Amazing work once again. I haven't worked on any mini's in a while.. Christmas, etc. and I've come down w/ a cold. sniffle, sniffle. Go away cold! I need to get to my mini work!!
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