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  1. Brrrr, cold here! Average is low of 43°F to high of 55°F normally. It is currently about 45°F at 2 in the afternoon, low of 29 forecast! Thats local weather, not UK wide. Have had snow on and off all day between blue sky and sunshine. Nothing lying, but very cold wind. It feels so wrong!
  2. Some Easter pictures for those that need them or didn't get around to decorating themselves :)
  3. Just finished reading it and I really enjoyed it. For me it was definitely a page turner, I wanted to find out what happens next, and little girls kept wanting me to play with them ;) I used to read a lot, but now family and other priorities usually take over. Every now and then reading becomes the priority! I must say I focus on the story rather than writing style, but in this book nothing jumped out and made me think 'that wasn't good, it could have been written better.' I don't usually read historic novels,I like more modern day stuff I can identify more easily with. The title and blurb on
  4. Maybe they were just managing to hold off til you actually had a job, rather than when you didn't have that. So glad to hear you've finally managed to get a job, even if it isn't the perfect one
  5. We put up a summer house/children's play house this weekend. It is 5'x7', big enough for us to overnight in when it gets warmer. It is a Christmas present for the girls - they'll see the outside, but hopefully the the inside will remain a surprise until Christmas day (painted white, but full of rainbow/colourful accessories). PILs questioned whether this was the best time to put up a shed...perhaps not, but not an impossible time, and better than closer to Christmas! Did the base last weekend and the house this weekend. We were very proud of our work, sister and I, having never put a shed up b
  6. They slept through the night!!! Whooohoo! Had pizza delivered for supper, and ignored laundry. A better day! Also had my eyes photographed (annual thing), and tidied the garden ready for the cold. Tomorrow I'm taking dressed up girls to Ikea and picking up my sister and niece from their vacation before we go to a pumpkin party at church. Carving pumpkins and then story and pumpkin soup supper. We might stop by my friends for a quick treat, but otherwise my kiddies are too young for more, and pumpkin party is a great alternative.
  7. We're home. We had a stressful and unrest full vacation. Drove 7 hours or so including a few toilet breaks on Saturday, up to the North Yorkshire Moors. Was supposed to take less than 6, but had roadworks, and then the sat nav redirected us along a different route along little Moore lanes in pitch black. Allana threw up Saturday night, and every night except Monday since, Natasha and I threw up Monday night, Tuesday we drove half way back to spend a couple nights in a restful hotel, only for hubby Chivs to throw up last night and for Natasha to have a temp. She was better this morning, but we
  8. Sounds like great fun Kathie! Natasha and I baked this afternoon, made 2/3 of salted caramel millionaires shortbread (they're in the fridge waiting for us to do the chocolate layer tomorrow) and chocolate or chocolate and cherry cupcakes. She even ate the cherry ones, which we served with whipped cream for pudding after supper. Invited to in laws for lunch tomorrow, so we'll take the rest along for then.
  9. I've been debating what to do about the kitchen in my Fairfield. I don't want an old one, want a nice and modern one, but the ones I can afford are too boxy/clumsy looking with bits out of scale. Then my daughter found a plastic half broken trailer in a box of stuff we were given to look at on the way to the charity shop, and it has a kitchen in it! A Nice and modernish one Now just have to see if I can get them out without breaking them, and then probably paint them a more acceptable colour. Maybe this'll be the nudge I need to get going again (I keep looking for that nudge.....) Allan
  10. Muriel

    Door, roof trim

    Oh, I love the hearts trim!!
  11. End of summer is approaching fast! Chris is back at work after his summer off from teaching, I'm off this week to look after the girls before nursery term starts next week, and it has gotten much colder this week. Allana is just about 11 months old now and has done fine in the nursery taster sessions. Both girls will be going two days a week, and grownups will both do part time work to cover the rest of the days. At the moment there is no routine for me at work - I'm here, there and everywhere. I hope they find me regular branches soon. Wouldn't be so bad, but over the last four weeks I've bee
  12. Had a mad very tiring week at work, all nearly 10 hour shifts, extremely busy, including 30 hours worth of work in 2 10-hour shifts when our double cover pharmacist was pulled. So really looking forward to a day off tomorrow, and should be a good one: a good friend of ours had his first novel published in June and is doing a book signing at his local bookstore tomorrow. So we're excitedly going to that. Then out for lunch and drinks with him before shopping, and in the evening out for dinner with many good friends for one of their leaving dos (she's off to Canada next week!) And the girls
  13. Oh I was so hoping someone would volunteer to come stay with you Deb, and honestly thought someone would. I'd have come myself if it were possible! What a great family you (we) have
  14. We have a new car Got the one that was £1500 cheaper. The other one was fancier and more fun to drive, but not worth the extra money sadly. The body is a few cm wider on the outside, but the inside seems much bigger. There is a lot of space between the steering wheel and the front windscreen, which emphasises the bigness. Boot/trunk is bigger too, fit the buggy, plus a baby car seat, plus a magi mix and all its attachments in there, and still had the parcel shelf down! Mirrors are huge and so have to keep an eye on them when I'm squeezing into tight spaces. And Holly, having said that petrol
  15. Here it is about 3-4% more for diesel, but you generally get quite a few more miles per gallon from the diesel and their engines theoretically last longer. They're usually a good chunk more expensive to buy, but second hand the difference isn't so big, and we do enough miles for it to be worth the bit extra. We calculated saving around $75/month in fuel, switching to a newer diesel from a petrol car.
  16. I am slow to check this thread some days, so sometimes it takes a few pages for me to catch up on things... Then Deb asks what we're doing this fine Saturday and I want to tell you what I've done, but it isn't Saturday anymore. Then she asks again Sunday, but it isn't Sunday any more either. So I'll ask how everyone's Monday was? and tell you about my Saturday and Sunday and Monday anyway ;) It has been lovely warm sunny weather here for the last couple weeks. Weather is getting a bit cooler now, which is nice when I'm at work, but hoping it will stay reasonably dry as we're having a BBQ on
  17. I think many of us have been through waiting for unknown results and worrying about them, so we are all sending the best wishes to you Kat and Heidi, and are here whatever the results are! Sent the kids and husband to his parents today so I can do some cleaning/decluttering. Problem is my feet hurt because they're not used to standing all day at work anymore, so don't really want to stand and clean Oh well, some things just need to be done regardless! I like thunder and lightning storms, but so very very rarely get them here in the UK, maybe one a year that I see. Well we've had
  18. Yes, hollow paper drinking straws. Got enough to try out all your suggestions and decide which works best
  19. Went to watch a friend do a parachute jump for charity today. She raised an amazing £1000, so proud of her! It is properly back to work now, have to remember that I need to be in bed at a decent time so that I'm not too tired for a whole day of proper concentrating! (I'm a pharmacist) A new rota coordinator is looking after our area at the moment, have to educate her about which branches are nice and local to me and have ok opening hours so that I'm home in time to say night night to the girls! I think she also lives in Stroud, so at least know's what towns are local-ish. To help my chanc
  20. Definitely a supporting family here for you Jeremy, sending hugs and strength too. Really hope someone is able to look after the houses for you until you can get back to them. Guess who went to Ikea for some shelves on Sunday? Yup, just decided to go ahead and buy them. Hobby room already looks much better, all our stuff is on the shelves, along with the girls' toys, and there's a couple shelves spare too. Now just need to get rid of a big old desk that was left when we moved in. It is a great desk - looks like a cupboard but both sides open up into a desk and shelves (it isn't just door
  21. Just had the last of the leftover salmon for supper, yum. Love rearranging furniture! Have to do it in the girls' room now, there's built in wardrobe along one wall, built in bookshelf along another wall, and window along a third wall in our room, only one place the bed can go really! Might have to do the sitting room though as Allana is now crawling and it'd be handy to have a playpen - both to keep her out of mischief and to keep her safe from enthusiastic Natasha. They were out in the garden on Thursday while I was getting food ready for the feast. Looked out and Natasha was enthusiastica
  22. Ugh, been cleaning - because it was needed, because my Daddy was coming to visit and because PILs were coming. First completely spring/summer cleaned the girls room including going through their toys and sorting all their clothes into the different ages and figuring out where to store them all til they're grown into! The too small clothes are all in a basket though, waiting for a sort through and decide which to try and sell at the next National Childbirth Trust sale, and which baby clothes need keeping to include in a patchwork blanket. Then did the landing, guest room, bathroom, stairs, kitc
  23. That's huge Deb!! Ugh! Bumble bees have made a nest in the bin (trash can) in our shed. The tumble dryer is out there, so it is mainly fluff in the bin with a few bits of plastic that have flown into the garden. There was one buzzing around while I was in there one day. There must have been a tissue in a load, so when I was emptying the filter there were hard balls of tissue which dropped into the bin. Suddenly there were 4 or 5 buzzing around. Thought they'd just found something yummy in the bin and left them to it (after scaredly trying to reach to turn the dryer on!). Next day noticed th
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