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  1. Do you do each cross one at a time or do lots of diagonal in a row and then cross them all in a row? I learnt a cross at a time, so do that.
  2. Happy Mother's Day! In the UK we celebrate the day in March, but today I did many mummy things like driving kids around to various activities, waiting while they had swimming lessons, cooked for them, tidied up after them, did some work towards their Girlguiding badges... Blessed to be a Mummy!
  3. I've read the book and aim to watch it sometime, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the video, so interesting, and the reminder - I think the movie will move up my to watch list.
  4. Muriel


    Christmas themed Fairfield build
  5. Ooh, sounds like things are moving in the right direction for you! Hopefully the added iron will reduce your tiredness nice and quickly.
  6. Well it seems tiny, but it is doable and not taking as infinitely long as I feared! Making it up as I go along rather than following a pattern, but I'm sure the mistakes will be tiny enough not to be seen! lol
  7. Oh bless you, everyone goes through frustrated phases I think, where sometimes things keep going wrong or not how you imagine, sometimes you can't find what you're looking for even though you know it exists, sometimes I'm determined I should be able to do something quite easily, but why is it being so difficult to do?! Take a break if needed, but sounds like you're going along fine. If it gets overwhelming, take a break from your extra special house and do some 2nd Fairfield that doesn't feel like it has to be just so. My 'just so' house is on a 10 year + break at the moment! And as
  8. My post wasn't clear, I got round ones in the 4th shop, shops 1 & 3 had square ones. The square ones look very good for furniture legs and balustrade/railing posts! I'm hiding the round ones, square seem easy to come by (though should probably hide them too, just in case!)
  9. 4 shops later, finally found skewers. Apparently squared off skewers are now the in thing. I get why that would be helpful to stop food twisting on them while you're trying to turn them on the bbq, but not useful for curtain rails! I got 100, and they'll be hidden in my supplies so no one can pinch them to cook with!
  10. Does filling with the epoxy also preserve the outside then? I'd still be worried the moisture in the environment would slowly dissolve the outside (over months/years rather than days)
  11. I used toothpicks for the blinds, but I want the curtain to reach across both windows, and they're not long enough for that.
  12. I made some blinds for the sitting room. I think they're cute! The rods need some beads on the ends and in the middle, and I will probably make the blinds a bit shorter before I glue them in. I had hoped to continue with the curtains tonight, but can't find my longer skewers anywhere! Grumble grumble. So I'll have to shop tomorrow before I can continue. I am debating some gingham blinds for the kitchen. I think ribbon would be good to make them, and it is the smallest check pattern I can find so far, just need to order some. The checks work out about 6.5mm (~2.5 inches) square
  13. A pair of blinds. Need to find some beads to put at the ends of the rods.
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