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  1. Brrrr, cold here! Average is low of 43°F to high of 55°F normally. It is currently about 45°F at 2 in the afternoon, low of 29 forecast! Thats local weather, not UK wide. Have had snow on and off all day between blue sky and sunshine. Nothing lying, but very cold wind. It feels so wrong!
  2. So nice to be welcomed back by you all We had a nice time at the fair, wasn't as big as I expected, but some lovely fun things to see. I went mainly to get some bits for my new garden scene, there were maybe three exhibitors with flowers for sale, but none of them had any grass on display. Eventually found one single stall with some sheets of grass which would do and are far better than the uniform green grass I'd seen for dollhouses elsewhere. The grass is very short (I think train scale) but will do for freshly mown grass ;-) It was a bargain too. Also found a brick garden path set, 60% off, my other bargain for the day. My splurge was a pot of teeny tiny snowdrops, my favourite flower. There were some great mushroom pots, but I've decided I need to try my hand at making some myself My niece discovered shrinkies recently and my sister found shrinky flowers on pinterest, perfect timing to make lots of mini flowers for my garden, so excited to try these out! Also got some cups and bowls and discovered some lovely looking 1/24 scale furniture sellers who I've been investigating online. They also do 1/48 scale, and thinking that might be the way forward for my full, space limited, RL house. My MIL is inspired to get her partly built house out that she hasn't worked on in 8 years or so, so that was a great outcome too, and she *needs* to go back for accessories when she's done, so we'll have to go back in the future for that :-D
  3. Some Easter pictures for those that need them or didn't get around to decorating themselves :)
  4. Hi All, just wondering if anyone is going to the Miniatura fair in Birmingham at the weekend? I need some nice realistic looking grass for a garden scene, but the best I can find here online is targeted towards mini railways of a much smaller scale and I feel I need to see them in person before buying. So I looked up dollhouse fairs in my neighbourhood and the next one is the end of June! As Miniatura is this weekend I decided a drive was worth it to get started on minis again. Been to a few 15-25 ish exhibitor fairs, but nothing bigger, can't wait now! Have to discuss a budget with hubby, but otherwise any hints or tips? Taking my MIL as she has done a few houses in the past but nothing recently, maybe get her inspired again.
  5. Just finished reading it and I really enjoyed it. For me it was definitely a page turner, I wanted to find out what happens next, and little girls kept wanting me to play with them ;) I used to read a lot, but now family and other priorities usually take over. Every now and then reading becomes the priority! I must say I focus on the story rather than writing style, but in this book nothing jumped out and made me think 'that wasn't good, it could have been written better.' I don't usually read historic novels,I like more modern day stuff I can identify more easily with. The title and blurb on the back caught my attention when I was looking for something to grab at the grocery store when my reading need came, so I thought I'd give it a go, and for a change it was interesting to read how people reacted differently to things 300+ years ago (big part of the plot). I'd recommend it.
  6. My cuties. This is Natasha. "I'm Cinderella, I'm going to fight the badies with my sword. It is cold, so I'm wearing my coat and bag. I'm taking my baby along for a walk" (the 'coat' is a car seat cover!) She's seen Disney Cinderella once and I'm sure doesn't really remember the whole story, just little scenes. This is Allana. She's cheekier than Natasha was at that age, but still fabulous of course. I was given 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' when I was very little and so grew up with it. Silversteen is not that well known here in the UK, so I feel privileged to have had a copy. I love his poems, particularly pleasing are 'Sick' I cannot go to school today, said little Peggy Ann McKay; and 'Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, Would not take the garbage out!' I think they applealed to me especially as a school girl! I'm very proud of Natasha especially, she is growing up to be such a polite litte girl! Today we were having Tacos for dinner and my Mummy, Sister and Niece were here too. Nan had just put a taco shell on her plate and Natasha said 'What can I get for you Nan?' asking what she could pass.
  7. Maybe they were just managing to hold off til you actually had a job, rather than when you didn't have that. So glad to hear you've finally managed to get a job, even if it isn't the perfect one
  8. We put up a summer house/children's play house this weekend. It is 5'x7', big enough for us to overnight in when it gets warmer. It is a Christmas present for the girls - they'll see the outside, but hopefully the the inside will remain a surprise until Christmas day (painted white, but full of rainbow/colourful accessories). PILs questioned whether this was the best time to put up a shed...perhaps not, but not an impossible time, and better than closer to Christmas! Did the base last weekend and the house this weekend. We were very proud of our work, sister and I, having never put a shed up before, the doors close and are aligned! Still have a few bits of trim to attach tomorrow, but then the outside is done. Somewhat foolishly decided I would crochet a rainbow blanket for the inside. I'm a slow crocheter, so a couple rows a night it is, we'll see how far I get before Dec 25th! https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t31.0-8/10714183_10154943611100602_6009658765106022449_o.jpg (picture of progress so far. Haven't yet worked out how to put links in properly on my tablet, so you'll have to copy and paste I think!)
  9. When people come in to the pharmacy with what looks like an allergic reaction to something, they always say 'but I've never had a reaction to that before' and I always say you can become allergic to something at any point, doesn't have to be the first time you're exposed to it. Doesn't mean the reaction is definitely due to that, but could be! So glad you got to hospital in the end in time Mary!
  10. They slept through the night!!! Whooohoo! Had pizza delivered for supper, and ignored laundry. A better day! Also had my eyes photographed (annual thing), and tidied the garden ready for the cold. Tomorrow I'm taking dressed up girls to Ikea and picking up my sister and niece from their vacation before we go to a pumpkin party at church. Carving pumpkins and then story and pumpkin soup supper. We might stop by my friends for a quick treat, but otherwise my kiddies are too young for more, and pumpkin party is a great alternative.
  11. We're home. We had a stressful and unrest full vacation. Drove 7 hours or so including a few toilet breaks on Saturday, up to the North Yorkshire Moors. Was supposed to take less than 6, but had roadworks, and then the sat nav redirected us along a different route along little Moore lanes in pitch black. Allana threw up Saturday night, and every night except Monday since, Natasha and I threw up Monday night, Tuesday we drove half way back to spend a couple nights in a restful hotel, only for hubby Chivs to throw up last night and for Natasha to have a temp. She was better this morning, but we couldn't do the fun day out we'd planned, so decided to just cancel the second night at the hotel and go home. And then the bit I was most looking forward to, visiting the Dollshouse Emporium on the last leg home, was unsuccessful, they'd closed!!! :'( I get emails from them every now and then but didn't get any saying their bricks and mortar shops were shutting, soooo disappointed! Allana threw up in the car halfway home, so it now stinks, we've got loads of disinfecting laundry to do, and I haven't slept without getting up nearly every hour since Friday night. Haven't been away in ages, not to a hotel in over 4 years, just grrrrr! Not what I needed! Will have to look online for my dollhouse bits now, nowhere near as much fun. Fingers crossed, the girls are bathed and in all clean cloths, and have slept peacefully so far; Chives and my tummies have settled; and tomorrow is another day. Sorry, sometimes just need to complain!
  12. Sounds like great fun Kathie! Natasha and I baked this afternoon, made 2/3 of salted caramel millionaires shortbread (they're in the fridge waiting for us to do the chocolate layer tomorrow) and chocolate or chocolate and cherry cupcakes. She even ate the cherry ones, which we served with whipped cream for pudding after supper. Invited to in laws for lunch tomorrow, so we'll take the rest along for then.
  13. What about putting some c channels around the edges? Then they'd be straight and you couldn't see any imperfections (though I know you'd still know they're still there!)
  14. I've been debating what to do about the kitchen in my Fairfield. I don't want an old one, want a nice and modern one, but the ones I can afford are too boxy/clumsy looking with bits out of scale. Then my daughter found a plastic half broken trailer in a box of stuff we were given to look at on the way to the charity shop, and it has a kitchen in it! A Nice and modernish one Now just have to see if I can get them out without breaking them, and then probably paint them a more acceptable colour. Maybe this'll be the nudge I need to get going again (I keep looking for that nudge.....) Allana turned one yesterday Natasha decided she would like a strawberry covered ladybird cake... We did our best! (First picture shows her after she's eaten it, looks like she enjoyed it!) The day before Allana's birthday she stood up by herself without holding on for the first couple times, yesterday she'd perfected it. She can take plenty of steps holding a hand or two, I'm sure it won't be long before she'll be off without help! She's also taken to spitting out her food, and not sure how to stop her. She of course does't understand 'no', though we keep saying it and turning her away from the table... I'm sure she'll grow out of it soon! She's being given more self feeding things, which seem to reduce the amount of spitting. She's got a gorgeous smile and a fantastic laugh. We went to the playground today and she was just laughing and laughing on the swings
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