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  1. Hi and Welcome Tiffany! There's a wealth of knowledge here, just ask away with any questions.
  2. The address thehousethatjacqbuilt.company.site just takes me to a CODE:404 MESSAGE:Not Found error page. Can you link to it?
  3. We had a bbq with homemade burgers, hotdogs, bratwurst, potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, grilled veg, crudites, dips, and grilled sweetcorn. There were 11 of us, so just a few bites of each thing filled each plate twice! After all the lockdowns this was the first time in a couple years our two families could meet up in the garden, and it was just so lovely to have everyone there. My niece made my cake, it was delicious and red, white and blue in honour of my American side (my Mummy is American). Birthday is Monday, but loved my early celebration.
  4. Hi Debra, welcome back! So nice to come back to a familiar place (if somewhat changed) and familiar names.
  5. Welcome Peggy, looking forward to seeing more when you get to post a few albums! Such a fun hobby I think.
  6. Not too sweet, but we don't sweeten the cream which helps balance it. Lots of yummy fruit on top, perfect. (You can mix whipped cream with plain yoghurt for a slightly tarter taste if you prefer)
  7. Well that gave me a good giggle and smile this morning, yup, you are correct! I like your thinking.
  8. My wish is for a pavlova for my cake, so blueberries and strawberries would work well with that!
  9. I usually celebrate with some American cooking, but this year it really crept up on me and passed us by without me planning anything. We may need to catch up, we'll see how time is. It's my birthday next week, I'm having a family bbq, I'm sure I can cook something for that! What are your suggestions?
  10. Oh poor you!! Did they explain why? I completely understand your feelings, how very frustrating!
  11. Ooh, I like your tiles! For me the only thing that makes it not a mini picture is the lighting and shadows, not the lights specifically, more the light on the walls etc - which someone could of course cleverly do in mini I'm sure!
  12. I agree, assembling it with endless money and contacts in a few months isn't as impressive as someone putting heart and soul into it, collecting and making over a considerable amount of time. Could be fun to do what she did though, I'd love collecting amazing pieces from my friends and acquaintances to fill a house 😉
  13. Yeah, very short term, hoping he can come this week.
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