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  1. Oh so hard to find! Currently watching YouTube videos to see if I can make anything.
  2. I like the inside layout of this especially! You could be getting many bargains thrown in with 3 extra boxes of furniture.
  3. Oh I just had to share : Mini Crocs! Very sadly they cost the same I spend on my own crocs, and I'm not sure any of my family would appreciate that they're worth it for a Christmas present! Also love the Doc Martin style boots with real laces.
  4. Hi and Welcome Ariel! Enjoy falling in love!
  5. Sadly not! But I didn't go in to pharmacy to do what I wanted, I went in to it because I love science, wanted to do something medical/medicine related, but also like helping and working with people That is on the whole what I do (just day to day is a bit stressful rubbish at the moment, but I choose to look at the bigger picture on such days). With architecture the bit I liked was designing my own stuff, so as I knew I wouldn't be doing that day to day I decided pharmacy had the greater chance of doing what I wanted.
  6. My chosen career choices were Architect or Pharmacist. I went with pharmacist because I reckoned that as an architect I'd always be doing other peoples wishes rather than what I wanted. Dollhousing I can do what I want, though not quite to the extent of what I would have done as an architect, I don't design and build my own houses. Sometimes I design and don't build, sometimes I build an already designed kit and bash it a bit!
  7. When you're ready, you'll just have to choose the one or two rooms of furniture you like best from a house and make a room box for them, then get rid of the house. I know I'm unlikely go get ready for that stage šŸ˜‰
  8. Where you'd normally glue, you just hold it together with tape - masking tape/blue painters tape - that sticks but is easily removed without damaging anything. So you still follow instructions step by step, but just use tape instead of glue. When it is fully built, you can then check it out, make notes, and then dismantle. If you aren't 100% sure, I'd strongly recommend labelling your pieces so that when you take them apart again, you can easily figure out which bit you need when putting it together again. I tend to dry fit mine a few times, first to see what it will look like to help me plan the rooms, then I decorate some parts of it, put it back together to make sure they fit/look right, take apart, decorate some more, back and forth a bit until I'm happy, then I start gluing. Some bits like stairs you can potentially glue earlier, though often I think with Greenleaf houses the stairs end up being part of the structure. In my houses I've replaced the stairs with alternate ones, so it isn't essential to use the kit ones, you might just need to do some thinking outside of the instructions - again the dry fit helps to see where you could change things.
  9. Did you have a look at the More Minis blog of the Fairfield build? What bit are you particularly stuck with? I'm building the Fairfield and can maybe take pictures of a particular area? (But I'm using a different stair case, so can't help with that!)
  10. Oh my goodness, that sounds like a perfect day to me! What fun. Glad you've found them.
  11. Hi, On the whole in their basic form mdf houses (eg RGT) go together much quicker than plywood houses (eg Greenleaf). The walls and floors tend to slot into place and hold each other in place while the glue dries. The two I put together could be done (undecorated) in an afternoon. If you want to decorate, then time depends on what you want to do. Simple painting just requires time for the paint to dry. The thicker MDF walls tended not to warp much when I painted mine. Wallpapering takes a little longer to measure and stick/dry. Outsides - again milled siding will be relatively quick to paint, cutting strips of siding to paint and glue on will take relatively ages, days rather than hours. Roof - painted quick, shingled slow. I love the plywood tab & slot houses much more than the MDF ones (I find them more interesting, easier to bash (change) and lighter to carry/move), but they take longer to put together. If you don't have much time cause you need it finished soon, painting an MDF one might be the way to go; if you don't have much time each day, but it doesn't matter that it'll take months of an hour here or there, then choose the house that you like the look of best - the Greenleaf ones can be done a little bit at a time. If you're keeping the house you can always go back and renovate and update it when you have more time šŸ˜‰ Who's the house for? If a child, MDF ones tend to be a bit more robust to be played with by little children. More careful older children and adults will be fine playing with thinner plywood houses.
  12. Ok guys, where do you get half scale dishes from? Thinking plates, bowls, cups, platter, a serving bowl or two to match.... ?? I've looked on ebay and etsy and haven't had any luck yet - have some glasses which are cute, but want more dishes. There are so many sets in 1:12, there must be some in 1:24 somewhere?!
  13. I looked at all the stands and spoke to a few of the owners, so may well have done, but my knowledge of miniaturists is next to none, so I didn't specifically notice her, no. There were lots of lovely displays and stands with people selling their work, it's nice to have the combination.
  14. A couple Jane Harrop kits - a bench for my entrance and a castle for the kiddies bedroom, a Christmas tree just like the big one I made for my Mummy last year, some cutting boards and some tiny beach huts to paint for a mantlepiece or somewhere. Some wrapped presents, parcels and a tiny tissue box from Mini McGregor. A gorgeous stitched cushion from WHB Miniatures - had seen this online before and it is fabulous in person, so tiny it is hard to tell they're stitches! They do 1:12 too, well worth it if anyone needs a cushion and doesn't want to stitch it themselves. I finally found a 1:24 Christmas tree and some tiny candy canes from Life of Riley. Yay! Best stand was Ella-Rose Miniatures (Etsy) (Facebook) where the 1:24 gingerbread house, snowman and gonk came from. Just full of colour and whimzy, I loved it! She has some fun Christmas trees too, though none in 1:24th and sadly can't afford it anyway! Also got a 1:144 house kit which I may make and give my mother-in-law for Christmas. Trying to inspire her to take up her dollhousing again. Took her to Miniatura a few years ago, but didn't manage to get the house waiting to be decorated out of her spare room corner. Also got a rainbow cake, and two teddies with party hats, but they're wrapped up packed away for stockings.
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