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    Quilting, drawing, blogging, reading, miniatures, amateur photography...oh, but there's a list a mile long!<br /><br />You can check out my photo's at:<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/faerytreecreations/

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  1. Pipertml


    The little critters who take up a big part of my heart...
  2. No no no nonononononoooooooooo! Oh, I'm so bummed now! I was going to head up there at lunch time today to check out what they had...oh so cranky now! I think its the universe's way of telling me to stock up on "how to" books for mini's and really start making my own dh furniture.
  3. I have to agree - that darn Ebay is like crack for bargain hunters! I've got about 6 things on my watch list and found a few things over the weekend at my house that I was thinking of putting on...must rethink now! To quote Muttley: Razzle frazzle fricken fracken EBAY!
  4. Oh how sweet! I love to hear happy stories about strays ending up in just the right home, getting the love and attention they need! And I understand about the many names thing - my animals have so many silly nicknames. My Tallulah gets called "Wooby Kitty", "Tally Wally", "Tallulah Lu", "Lulah" and "Girly Wirly". Sadie gets "Sadie Wadie", "Sades", "Puppy Wuppy", "Baby Puppy Face" and Nym gets "Nymmykins", "Nimbly", "Little Man" and "Nymminess" (both cats get "Baby Kitty Face" followed by a barrage of kisses, which they HATE). I can only imagine that our pets think we're nuts for calling them these crazy names!
  5. Pipertml

    Home for Two

    You almost can't differentiate between the two!
  6. Pipertml

    Bath Time

    Sadie and Nym have a mutual cleaning policy in their relationship. Sadie loves the fact that Nym will sit still for a few doggy licks across the head. When little Nymmy is cleaning Sadie's ears, though, and she moves...he bites her (right on the tips of the ears with those little piranha kitty teeth)!
  7. Thank goodness, he's cute! Nym saw me rehabbing the Bobbi and thought he'd help. Soon, he'll be too big to fit inside it (not that that will ever stop him from trying)!
  8. Pipertml

    The Bobbi

    This is the house that my mother and I built many, many years ago. It's in serious need of a rehabbing!
  9. Pipertml

    The Quilt Shop

    I'm just starting on a Quilt Shop room box for my mother and my aunt for Christmas...this is what I have so far.
  10. I'm watching HGTV and they're showing a DIY network show called B Original and they're making unusual dh's and furniture...it's sooo cool! It's an past show, so some of you have already seen it, but for those who haven't go here to see the picts and the construction instructions (sounds like something from a School House Rock song - "conjunction junction, what's your function?"...sorry to anyone who has that song stuck in your head now). I really love the natural house, but the brownstone was a unique idea. Must go, I have a little kitten laying on my hands and keyboard, making it very hard to type...but funny to watch his little head bob up and down as my fingers type. Sad thing is that it doesn't seem to be bothering him - little weirdo can sleep anywhere! Have a great day all - hopefully soon I'll have a little eye candy to share in the form of a revamp of my old dh!
  11. Thank you so much everyone! I am quite proud of it. I'm scrambling to find a box that it will fit in, so I can wrap it (not an easy feat, I must say). I have a second one in the works for my aunt in Maryland, but I don't have to finish that until after New Years. I'll be sure to share that one, too, when I'm done. I'm off to my folks' place tomorrow for the holiday. I hope Santa brings you every mini on your wish list and I hope you all get a chance to relax, enjoy this magical time of year and spend some quality time with your friends and family! Merry Christmas to all of you!
  12. I wanted to share my newest creation (and my very first room box) with all of you. This is my Christmas present for my mother and I'm so happy with the way the turned out! My plan was to make as much of this myself as possible and though that included the actual roombox, I ran out of time and ordered it. I also bought the hutch (from Michael's) and the chair came with a kitchen set that I ordered last year. The fabric bolt holder and the sewing machine table were also hutches that I dismantled and reassembled to my own liking. I'm very happy with the floor and the wainscoting. It took 3 browns, a gold and about 6 coats to get it to look the honey wood color that I wanted. I made the curtains yesterday (took 3 attempts but I finally got them the right length, width and machine settings for the stitches. What a pain!) The quilt on the back of the chair, I made today from bits of fabric scraps. The ones on the walls, I printed onto white fabric from pictures that I took of actual quilts at the quilt show this summer (the one above the sewing machine hung in my boss' office last year, it's 4 individual panels made by a group of women in Brunswick, Maine). There were about a million other things that I wanted to put in it, but I think less is more in this case. You know, there seems to be just enough in it so that it doesn't look crowded or too sparce. Everytime I look at it, I get giddy. I can't believe I made this! I want to give it to my mother now (I know she's going to love it), but I know that it will be even better when she unwraps it on Christmas morning! I just had to share, as I've garnered so many ideas and inspirations from so many of you (esp. CJEP and her Storybook Cottage/Quilt Shop - thank you!)
  13. Pipertml

    Dear Abby

    I completely understand the ebay problem. I've had to stop myself from looking because next thing I know, I'm bidding! Which is badbadbad! And that kamikaze bidding at the end...what a rush! I find myself in staff meetings at work, where I'm *supposed* to be paying attention and all I can think of is how to rehab my Bobbi or about the colors for my Glencroft (mind you, I'm not even done with the room boxes yet...and the GC isn't even out of the box yet!!). I'm jotting down all these ideas and little drawings. After one meeting, my boss said (in all seriousness) "It's good to see that someone was taking notes!" I just smiled, but was thinking "Man I hope he doesn't ask me any questions...cause I have NO CLUE what he was talking about!" ;)
  14. Oh, but I know a few individuals who would be lovin' that kind of a tree (esp. if they were full!) ;)
  15. Hmmm...someone may have to start a book club-esque thread when it comes out so that everyone who reads it can share their thoughts! I love "whodunits"!
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