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  1. I'm sure glad you asked about this! I have a couple of furniture kits and was wondering about them too!!! Thanks!
  2. This is a winner! The detail and beauty of it all! You do such magnificient work! You must be so very proud!
  3. How fun to have all of your trees! And they look so nice!! It's like being at Santa's house!
  4. Hi Rhonda, and welcome! That's so nice what you are doing for you son! And you sure do sound talented!! I would love to see pictures of his cabin and your San Franciscan as the progress!!
  5. Some husbands! LOL! Glad to hear the kit sounds like it made it through the weather!
  6. I went and looked at them! Nice! My brother is in Portland for a couple of more weeks (his wife had a heart transplant, they live in Eugene, and will finally go home for the first time in 6 months in just the next week or two!). I would love to have the Bellingham Farm House! I'm thinking about having my brother contact him, and see if he still has it, and if he would sell it separately, for how much..... It averages on Ebay for $70 - $90, but then you pay for shipping too. I could get it from my brother when I'm out to see them in the spring.... Thanks for sharing!
  7. WOW! Great Find!! We are having a snow storm or I would drive the hour to get to our nearest one!!!
  8. I think I bought a kit, and it had directions. After that I learned from other books. You can also take a class at Michaels or Joanns, or some other craft store may have them in your area. Have Fun!
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