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  1. Much respect for your amaizing skills!!!!!!!!!!!! what are the dimentions?
  2. lili

    My Harrison

    This house is my dream house to build. I'm having a lot of fun building.
  3. lili

    Miss Katherine Rodriguez

    Meet my baby! Of course she is the pretiest baby ever.
  4. I could never be a vegetarian but more power to the people that do it. My sister is mostly vegetarian she would be happy eating beans and rice everyday the only meat she eats is an occational burger or sasauge with breakfast. My dad thinks shes crazy and tries to trick her but she has sixth sensense about and just by smelling it she can tell there is meat in the dish
  5. Well I wish you the best of luck and I sincerly hope that the bimbo gets whats coming to her. I'm sending you a hug from California.
  6. I love that everybody loooooves my baby, but I don't want her to grow up thinking the world revolves around her. That's what I want to avoid. There are more than enough Paris Hilton wannabes walking the planet.
  7. By Dicipline I mean just letting her yell a little bit when I check to make sure that there is nothing wrong. But my mom thinks that as soon as the tiniest little starts to appear I have to everything and pick her up even though her dad just put her down after being changed and fed. And yeah first granddaughter on both sides.
  8. I do not live with her thank God. If I did You would of heard of a mini lover who killed her mother.
  9. Let me start by saying that I love my momma. Having said that the woman is driving me crazy. She acts like she was the one who had the baby, everything I say is wrong and since katherine is getting to the age where her personality is becoming more evident I'm pretty sure that dicipline will have to be enforced. Up to now its only little temper tantrums when we dont pick her up right away but my mom is disregarding everything I try to enforce. Can somebody tell me how to tell her without hurting her feelings? Oh and she's going through menopause so I need to be extra carful how I tell her.
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