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  1. Thanks Holly, I was going for something different than I have done before.
  2. I have painted the first two rooms of the Joseph Angel. And i splurged and treated myself to one of the new Bespaq kitchen sets for it. Today I'm working on the floors and stairs in the JA. If I have time I'll probably prime the first floor of the Buckhead Townhouse and draw out my lighting plans.
  3. Hey everyone, I've been away for quite a while, but I'm back into my hobby. I recently purchased a half scale Buckhead Townhouse kit and I lucked up on a Joseph Angel on Craigslist for pretty cheap. I'm excited to work on them both!
  4. Just put some finishing touches on the Lady Anna which wll be going to a new home soon. Right now I'm giving my hand a rest from priming the GlenCliff....finally starting this monster!
  5. Thanks Holly! I plan to be around more often.
  6. I have not been here for quite a long time, but I'm working on my Queen Anne. I've gotten quite a bit done since I was last on here.
  7. I got a pretty sweet eBay score last night...17 Houseworks Victorian windows and Houseworks door for $26 I sniped them in the last 20 minutes or so of the auction. LOVE auctionsniper!!
  8. Found a GL Pierce kit, unopened on Craigslist for $10...what a score!!! I'm not keeping it for myself...but at that price, it'll be nice to build/decorate it and sell it for some mini mad money : )
  9. Marg, your Barbies are beautiful!! I think I will get back into it. We just got a new display cabinet and I need to fill it up with something. I think Barbies would be perfect! Thanks for sharing your collection : )
  10. Also, I don't know if many here are into re-born dolls and such, but if you are, this is another forum that I read sometimes. www.doll-fan.com
  11. I had started a collection of dolls years ago. I got as far as two and then stopped. At the time I really couldn't afford to get into it further. Now I'm thinking about starting my collection up again. The two that I have are both Barbies...one is a inexpensive Ghana Barbie and the other is the "In the Limelight" Barbie by Byron Lars. I'd like to collect more of the Byron Lars dolls and any other African American dolls that strike my fancy.
  12. Yippeeee! I just sniped this on eBay. It's going into the Beacon Hill. :) eBay Score
  13. Susanne, I LOVE your new beds.... Ever since I received my Kelly Curtis bed I have a fascination with mini dressed beds. I hope to get another Kelly Curtis original pretty soon and I have my eye on quite a few of Lorraine's beds as well. Congrats on your beautiful new purchases!
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