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    we'll doillhouses first lol. i also love reading dean koontz, and pretty much any craft projects

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  1. tracibobs


    I just love watching this house come along
  2. tracibobs


    I found this on craigs list for $55.00 i have wanted this house for so long. I have a ton of work to do on this house but i ant waitto get started
  3. I know i got alot of nice stuff in this grabbag most is going to go in my mckinley
  4. tracibobs

    Grab Bags

    I love grab bags even know they are a gamble here are my goodies so far
  5. tracibobs

    overall shot

    i love watching your progress on this house and everything is so pretty and goes so we'll together
  6. tracibobs

    mckinley bedroom

    no i did not paint it it is just plain old scrapbook paper
  7. loks so real love this shot this house will be so pretty
  8. i would never have guessed the was card stock
  9. tracibobs

    The Parlor

    love it it looks so real love the fabric on the sofa and chair
  10. great find im sure it will look great
  11. everything is so pretty pink is my fav color thanks for sharing
  12. sorry about that horse puzzle its not in the pic i thought i had lost and found it later
  13. tracibobs

    The Poor porch

    you have alot of work on it but it will be so pretty when done im sure good luck
  14. tracibobs

    Pretty Pink bed

    thank you all very much
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