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  1. This year is the first time in 10 years i get to celebrate saint pattys day so im trying to do a big irish dinner for my family of 12 so im doing glazed corned beef with potaotes and carrots irish soda bread and im trying to think of a good dessert and side Whats everyone else cooking this year
  2. Hi all thank you for all the suport besides the stress of it from him and his one side of the family im doing ok. In fact I wish it had happend a long time ago things were very bad for a long time the funny thing is is im back in touch with the man i truley loved first but never felt like i could tell him back then turns out he wanted to go out with me back then to hes also going through a divorce you know what they say god works in mysterious ways. So i will be very happy to have this put behind me so i can move forward it's so nice to know that i have you guys and forgot how much i mis
  3. Hi all i have not been on here in age's and have had no time for my mini's but i have missed all you guys like crazy and missed looking at all the houses and other goodies. Right now im going through a very messy divorce but after its over i hope to be able to be back on more often like i was. Just wannted all my friends on here to know i had not fallen off the planet. Hope to be back soon Thanks all Traci
  4. you can make a stencil from plastic canvas for brick or different sizes and shapes for stones there easy
  5. I'l have to double check the directions it shows the exact placement on the wood to cut out the parts and how many sheets it takes i'll look a them and post it up I think just the shell is over 500.00 and thats just not a option is all I would think it is alot cheaper to do it on my own
  6. paying that much for a shell st once is just not in the cards thats why i figure witht the plans i have for it I could make it very cheap
  7. thats is a amazing house hard to tell its a foamcore cool and maybe it wil be do able manybe we will see
  8. tracibobs


    I just love watching this house come along
  9. I hate punching out the pieces the really small ones most i almost always break some 2nd would have to be shingles othere then that i dont mind the painting and stuff like that
  10. Hubby dont even look up at me anymore when he hears me working on a house he is use to it by now lol I liking being odd its way more fun
  11. k i will go back to radio shack and get the 9 volt pack thanks
  12. Ok im not really sure what u call is but I bought this thing at radio shack thinking i could hook it to the batter we i have this light http://www.manorhouseminis.com/product.asp?Sku=A012013 I put the battery in and took the two bare wires and held them to the plug and the light does not come on i wanted to try the light before i took anything apart did i buy the wrong thing or wil this just not work at all
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