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  1. I know this is an old post but I wanted to say hello to a fellow alberta =)
  2. i just love those cabinets
  3. This is so adorable. I will hve to check out my local hallmark =)
  4. I really want to get this but I cant afford it =/ Duracraft Crestview. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Dura-Craft-CrestView-CR250-Miniature-Doll-House-Kit-Mansion-Dura-Craft-Wood-NIB/313195278819?hash=item48ebe4b1e3:g:V~YAAOSwV1lfRDBS
  5. oh wow that's great =) Glad you were able to fix them. I have fibro too so sorry to hear you have it. I bet she will love the house. My daughter and I were building a house together but then her dad ended up moving so nwo she's farther away.
  6. That little pram is adorable! How will you fix the lights? Funny how life works eh? =)
  7. asherah


    how did you o the porch floor i love it
  8. oh that's great thanks a lot. will have to o that!
  9. so I painted my house this colour not knowing it was discontinued. Now I need to do touchups and I have no paint !! I haven't been able to find a match for it either. I don't suppose anyone has a bottle they'd be willing to sell? ash
  10. omg this is the same wallpaper i used =)
  11. what did you use for the plaster? Love the effect
  12. hmm i love these ideas. I have some battery operated little string lights. Maybe I could poke them through some paper? Not sure.
  13. I have no idea! lol my daughter said I should paint them black but not sure
  14. so this is what I have so far. It needs light tho. Its pretty dark. Any suggestions or changes?
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