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  1. As it would have had in real life. But where do I put it? I was giong to do from left to right, Kitchen with dining room behind it, hallway, living room. What do you think? It bugs me that there isn't another room for a scullery.
  2. oh no ! that's too bad. Man i'm tired of this pandemic, the problems, the arguing, ugh.
  3. I will have to see what I can find it thanks. I know we have a rona not sure about lowes. No home depot. Might have to order it online =/
  4. beacon hill mckinley glencroft, are they going to come out with new houses?
  5. why are so many houses not available? Can't get willocrest or coventry or tennyson or harrison to name a few...
  6. My walmart has started just carrying the little bottles. bummed
  7. asherah

    Work room

    I've always wanted a house with an attic !
  8. i tend to by different glues a lot. i have i think 5 different kinds at the moment. But there isn't much for craft supplies here.. mostly online and even that is limited.
  9. if they let me book it so i could come play with it hell ya i'd pay
  10. Thank you so much ! Jellybean is such a munchkin ! Today I was gluing the dormer together and he came over, sniffed it and then started trying to eat the glue !!! LoL.
  11. If anyone wants an rgt queen anne kit there's one on ebay for $1199 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/154593654907?hash=item23fe7ff87b:g:rD8AAOSwZIZhKTmb
  12. I've been moved to tears from frustration with projects. I so hear you. *hugs* I hope you get it working how you want. EDITED : I should have read the whole thread haha It looks awesome 😃
  13. ok So I am trying to do the lower tower roof and without instructions i have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing. If anyone can help that would be great.
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