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  1. Elize

    aIMG 6577

    Hi, I used a white spraypaint that has a sand effect in them. Can not remember the name though but you will find it at the hardware stores.
  2. Elize

    IMG 8777

    All my houses gets pianos and animals! My way of stamping my passions onto my houses. Hehehe
  3. Elize

    IMG 8754

    Hahahaha! Probably! ;-)
  4. Elize

    IMG 8756

    Thank you all!
  5. Elize

    IMG 8644

    Thank you so much!
  6. Elize

    IMG 8780

    Thank you!
  7. Elize


    At long last I ordered myself the Fairfield. Its also the first time I am doing the electric lights the correct way and not only the chinese strips.
  8. Elize

    IMG 8414

    Thank you Kathie!
  9. Elize

    IMG 8409

    Thank you so much!
  10. Elize

    IMG 8412

    Thank you very much! Just paper I bought at a newsstand that had this lovely design.
  11. Elize

    Spanish Villa

    Casa De la Primavera (House of Spring) My cheapest house so far because its the first one I did not need to import, its a cheap chinese built that I have turned into clay.
  12. Elize

    IMG 6661

    Thank you so much!
  13. Elize

    IMG 6668

    Hi thank you so much. Yes its a kit from Laser Dollhouses you can buy it on ebay.
  14. Elize

    Luann Victorian Italianate

    Finished today, just waiting for a bathroomset.
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