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  1. we just left on a 4 day fishing trip and i miss my contest house already lol
  2. i got it i got it i got it and already he's in dry fit with all the items i made sitting in him for sizing. wow! i love him (hope husband doesn't get jealous) He loves everything i made and can't wait for more. He did suggest removing his __________ and adding a _____________ to make a ____________. Which surprised me becuase i didn't expect to do any bashing. But i am so in love- I'll do whatever he asks. LOL
  3. I ordered 2 on the 20th and am also still waiting. Hoping both of ours arrive soon.
  4. I still have not recieved mine yet and I ordered on friday (said pouting and close to a fit LOL!) I have been working like crazy on the pieces for mine though. Even if the hosue never arrives at least the project has me back on the forum and trying some new things. Made my first doll. She is a __________ and then a ____________ and some _____________. Then I had a great idea for a ____________. Anyway this has been great fun and I love being back on here reading all the posts and enjoying gallery pics- just wish I could see some of these great Srping Fling projects. :lol:
  5. birdmom


    We have several pets. 3 dogs - Otter our 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix- then Daisy our 1 year old Wire Fox Terrier and the most recent addition Lily our 4 month old Pomeranian. Then we have our cat, Chakotay. Saphira our Nanday Conure and Sprite our Greencheek Conure (those are small parrots) and last but easiest to take care of Stanley the ball python. And with now fish, small animals, amphibians or insects this is the least amount of pets we have ever owned at once. We live right next to my parents and often help care for their two dogs (a Brittany and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi), cat and lovebird.
  6. Wow wonderful pieces of furniture. Love them- makes me want to check the scrap wood box again to see what's there Sorry to here about the vet bills- and totally sympathize- Our 10 year old dog had a $300 vet bill 3 weeks ago and our newest puppy- 4 months old just racked up a $100 vet bill yesterday
  7. Those dimensions are for the outside, including all overhangs, porches and the roof.
  8. Thank you so much for the dimensions and the photos. I have been diligently creating items with wood, beads, baubles and buttons LOL! Great to have an idea where I can put everything.
  9. My daughter and I have both decided on what we are going to make the house (even though they have not yet arrived) and have been working on the little things we need. With money being tight (I'm sure eveyone knows what I mean) we are going to make most of what goes in it or use items I already have. I let my daughter pick through scraps from past kits yesterday - for her idea she needs several items that are the same- so she could start building. It was a lesson for me- I wanted to jump in and say oh no- do that or this, but I backed off unless she asked for help and well its shaping up nicely- can't wait to see how her house turns out.
  10. I ordered two. One for me and one for my 7 year old daughter. I am very excited. Not only about the contest, but about having a valid exscuse for not working on the gazebo for the miniatures.com contest.
  11. Oh those poor babies. :o We live in the country and get an average of a dog a month dumped on or near our property. I always feed, water, shelter the dog until either the owner comes and gets them or I call the humane society. Usually when the same dog shows up a second time I call immediatley and don't wait for the owner to come get them. We actually had one person several months ago who showed up to get their dog for a third time in about a week and was offended that it wasn't there in my yard this time. They couldn't believe I had called! Said it was my responsibility as a "neighbor".
  12. Well since we moved in March of this year I had to have my dollhouses in storage until the end of November. It is nice to finally be back to playing and mini-ing. My three daughters have been kind of hinting that they would like dollhouses for Christmas this year. Since I started this hobby I have created just one house that I completed for them and it was the first house I built so not that good. Then I built a bunch for gifts for nieces and nephews and even cousins children, but still they were sharing the first four room house I built and a little primrose (neither of which were very well decorated/finished) So this year they are getting dollhouses under the tree. The youngest is getting the adams I completed for the contest. My middle daughter is getting the unhaunted house that I bashed/upgraded and now have nearly finished (she has loved it since the moment I added working windows and door) and for the oldest I have ordered the Laurel kit for her and I to complete together. She got a dura craft sweetheart for Christmas last year and worked hard to complete, but the darn thing has fallen apart (without rough play) three times and then over thanksgiving one of their cousins fell on top of it and crushed the roof. I will store it for her just in case she wants it back when she gets older, but now we are going to put a greenleaf kit together because I know we can make it last. I am very very excited about having a new kit in the house (I do need to open it and smell it just to check quality before Christmas right!) Actually it probably won't be delivered until the 23rd or 24th. Which is probably good, I dont' know if it could handle all the petting that it would have to undergo- being the first new kit in a year and all. Anyway- sorry for all of the rambling about- its just good to be back among y'all. :o Any tips for Laurel construction before we begin? (which will probably be Christmas day LOL)
  13. I recieved my confirmation email yesterday or the day before and I think I sent my entry sometime around the 10th of December. I am really stuck if this next year is a bus. But I do have some ideas brewing. I had a bunch for the adams but with our move and all I couldn't get minis out to play again until the beginning of december so I designed my adams around things I already had in just a few days. I wasn't happy with the results at all, but I figured if I didn't get around to entering this year I would probably put it off forever. :o
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