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  1. Right now I'm working on not losing my mind. Waiting for a package to arrive so I can continue the addition on my Raspberry Parfait. I'm adding a family room to the house. I have most of the addition built but I'm waiting on some french doors that I'm going to install on the side of the house where the addition is going.
  2. There is also Lilliputs Raspberry Parfait by RGT.
  3. Well, it seems I've gone around in a full circle. I started out with the Lilliput Raspberry Parfait a few years ago (3 I think) than I got caught up in all the contests and the Raspberry got put on the shelf. Top shelf on my computer stand actually. Still unfinished. Rooms have furniture inside but no wallpaper or windows or shingles, you get the picture. There was a few contests that I actually entered, but there were also a few that I had unfinished projects. Next thing I knew I have houses that are unfinished and running out of room for them. I became so overwhelmed that I didn't do a
  4. I've used the popsicle size for flooring, I have to look to see if I have a picture of it on my camera, if I do I"ll posted it. I've oftened wondered about wood burning and dollhouses. I've never tried it before, just because I'm not that good at getting an even burn. When ever I have played around with it, the wood always comes up with some really dark spots, but that's just because I never really sat down and practiced with it. But do let us know how it turns out if you do try it.
  5. The only thing that I have is a real working Grandfather clock made for dollhouses. I just love that towel rack
  6. Keep up the good work. I love the weathered look on shingles.
  7. Muriel, I hope you get your chance to try the pump. If I was in your situation I would want to try it. Glad to hear that your gift was able to cheer up your friend. I need to exchange a pair of gloves for my husband today, and will run into Michael's to see if there's anything there that I just can't live without...as long as it's cheap and I can use a coupon....lol
  8. I get to do the grocery shopping today. Oh boy. It seems that the cost of food keeps going higher and higher. Gotta eat so what are you going to do. I went through all the coupons today and there's only a couple that I can use. The one good thing is I get to go to Michael's and I do have a 40% off coupon. This will take up most of my day and there's not much on TV tonight so I think I'll try to make a mini marble or granite countertop. Wish me luck.
  9. Today I have to take the second part of a civil service test for clerk/typist. The first have was a written test in the middle of December. I have no idea how I manage to pass that one, there were a lot of spelling questions and I'm a rotten speller...lol. It was all muliply choice (see can't spell) so I at least had a 25% chance of getting it right. Today is the actual typing test. You need to do at least 35wpm with a 96% correct. I know I can do that much, I've been doing that since I was 16, but I'm still getting nervous. Not a good test taker. I'll just do my best and hope for the
  10. without a question it's C. There are times when I completely forget that they are animals. I will hold complete comversions with them, taking their expressions and the way they turn their heads this way or that way as answers to my questions. We only have 2 dogs left now. We just recently lost one on 11/23/09, but they are family members without question.
  11. If they are not on sale, that's ok... I've got the coupon from this weeks flyer, it's for 50% off for just a few days...I just love coupons...lol
  12. My Michael's has had them for at least a couple of months now. Every time I go in there I stop and take a look at them. I was looking at a crystle ball, the kind a fortune teller would use. They are a really nice line. I have to check out the sales flyer I just got today to see if they are on sale. I really, really shouldn't buy anymore minis until after christmas. I've already bought myself a couple of presents...lol Couldn't help myself the prices were just too good to past up.
  13. AmyD

    2009 contest 008.jpg

    thank you, and yes you do see (or at least sort of ) lights. I'm afraid they didn't come out too good in the picture.
  14. OMG that is just wonderful.
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