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  1. Good luck with this one. I bought a RGT addition for my house and with shipping and handling had to pay $81.00. I really hope you do get it for that price.
  2. Guess I should have paid more attention in school....lol. I never realized that most rulers are divided into 16ths. While I was searching for a ruler that had 32nds, I discovered that one of my retractabe tape measures starts out in 32nds for the first 5 inches than switches over to 16ths. I think I can get close enough now. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Tracy thank you so much, I can figure it out now.
  4. I'm working on a wing addition and I have to install the second floor. The directions says to attach the second floor 8 5/32" up from the first floor. I can find 8" on the ruler, but I don't know where to locate the 5/32 on a ruler. Can someone explain which line is the 5/32" on a ruler. Thank you very much.
  5. Have you tried looking at www.micromark.com web site. I've never purchased anything from them, but they do get mentioned a lot regarding stuff for minis. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the advise. I love my body parts more.
  7. I want to check out that circular blade. Can you attach it to the flexshaft? I just love tools....lol
  8. I'm so glad that the forum is back, really missed it. I'm working on an addition and I have to cut out a space in the wall (the house is already built) for double french doors. I bought a Dremel Flex Shaft. It's a tool that one end attaches directly onto the Dremel and it has a long flexable cord or shaft about 3 feet long and on the other end has the part where you can put the drill bit, into. It looks like a fat pen. You can hold it like a pen and get a lot more control while cutting wood, or etching word, sanding. This tool is great for those who aren't used to cutting with a regul
  9. I order the Bianca Flush Mount Working Ceiling Fan with my coupon. Can't wait to get it. :wub:
  10. I'm so so sorry if this is not the correct place for this question. Has anyone ever order from Mainly Minis website? I have them bookmarked in my favorites but I guess I have never placed an order from them. Where do I ask question regarding other mini websites? Thank you Amy
  11. The more I read about people getting their kits, the more I want one. It's just past 7:30 pm, so the deadline is sooo close. Still not sure what to do. I want it, but then again....... I have a lot of stuff that I know that I can use to decorate and I didn't have any bashing in mind. What to do.
  12. I think you are in the same boat as most of us. I have mini's hidden all over the place :idea: My husband knows of most of them, but like yours not en masse. To be honest, I'm a little afraid to see my entire hoard en masse . I have forgotten about so much, that I've bought double of so many things. I'll try to organize my minis and always find things that I have forgotten about.
  13. I did send an email asking for a tracking number a couple of days ago and they said that they didn't have tracking numbers for stuff that goes through Air mail. I don't understand why you can't track something sent by Air Mail. So I decided to wait a little longer. Than last night I got their email asking for a review. I did reply back to their email telling them that since I haven't received my order yet I had nothing to review. They replied back stating that it does seem that my package is lost and sent me a form to fill out for either a replacement or a refund. I think I might go for
  14. Get this, I got an email from Dolls Emporium today asking me to write a review on some of the products that I have ordered from them. I haven't received that order yet, so they want me to review items I haven't even gotten yet.
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