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  1. Bea, I noticed Casey in one of your photos. How precious! Ms Ollie is 19 years old, but still has plenty of energy. We got her when she was 9 at a local pet rescue. We were told she'd been a puppy mill momma who was dumped at the facility by the owners. Their loss has certainly been our gain because she is a wonderful sweet pup! Even the cats love her (don't always love each other, but they love Ollie....).

  2. Ray always thinks it's dinnertime! He's a very droll fellow and keeps this expression most of the time. I think he's concentrating on listening for a can opener. He has super hearing powers.

  3. it's hard to see, but the front door is a shiny dark red. Youngest son had to replace the window 'glass' with new printed plastic he made on the computer. The old sheets that came with the kit had gotten gummy and scratched.

  4. Thank you! Your encouragement has helped push me further to start the display (boy, do I NEED a big nudge to get anything started lately...SC heat has fried my brain!).

    I found a nice unfinished box today at AC Moore and have some ideas how to put all together.

  5. thank you Jo and Rhonda. Lily's sister Maisie (next to her but cropped out) hasn't been very easy. Tortoise-shell cats are all 'dark's and darker's' with a few weird light colors added in. They make it hard to bring together and look like a 'cat'. Lily was the fun subject. I enjoy drawing people and fur-babies I love!

  6. I have one in "re-hab" too. I've about settled on a soft yellow main color with white trim like this. I have enough brick stencil to do the base in that. I'm leaning toward a dark shiny red front door and either a few med. blue shutters around some of the rectangular windows or white and green striped awnings. I thought the awnings would be fairly easy to come up with from the fabric store and with some scrap wood. I've struggled through several color changes since the house moved in with us 3 years ago.

  7. thanks Debra! He's a young guy we adopted awhile back from a local rescue group. It's rare to catch him quiet and sleepy, since he still has plenty of 'kitten' energy. The previous photo is his Facebook profile pic. We love him regardless, but closeups of his face show too much detail of how sad his eye situation is. Otherwise he's a happy healthy fellow

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