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  1. Hi Maragarita! I just saw your comment today... five months later! No, I didn't use baby powder. It's just layers and layers of acrylic paint washes. I had so much fun playing around with the colors!
  2. Hi Jeffrey! I just read this comment today... five months later. We need some kind of notification on gallery comments. Anyway, yes it is a kit.. the Sugarplum Cottage by Greenleaf. I made this one for the 2004 Creatin' Contest at Miniatures.com but never really finished it. The chimney is flat in the kit, but I made it 3-dimensional and added Magic-Ston to the outside. Thanks for the compliment!
  3. Cuppa-Tea

    My Sugarplum cottage

    not quite finished but close!
  4. Cuppa-Tea

    The kitchen

    Yeah, makes me wish I were a little 5" tall person so I could move in. I adore the leaf furniture and the shell sink... you are so very clever, Deb!
  5. The "aquarium" is a glass paperweight from Pier 1 Imports.
  6. Cuppa-Tea


    I'm assuming the books will face out, like a bookstore display.
  7. Cuppa-Tea

    Office Library4

    I LOVE the paper, Heidi!!!!
  8. Oh, it's sooooo pretty!!!!
  9. Cuppa-Tea


    Oh, WHAT a FACE!!!!!!
  10. I can totally relate, Corey. Although I really wanted another child but felt guilty as if I was being selfish, because we had a lot of problems during my pregnancy and I knew in my head that it would be better not to do that again. But my heart was pulling me another way. I also felt torn between loving having just one for the reasons you described, but also desperately wanting that son to have a sibling to play with. Not to mention hoping for a daughter to whom I could pass on my dollhouses! I really was conflicted and in emotional agony for years, and finally we decided to try t
  11. Cuppa-Tea


    I like the side of the house. It's very pretty. I've never seen it from this angle before!
  12. Cuppa-Tea

    Allison by Artply

    My first Ebay purchase
  13. Cuppa-Tea

    Back of house

    Thank you so much for saying that, Tracy. I get teased a lot for obsessing about color schemes and such. What helped this time was that I purchased practically everything at the same time so it was all co-ordinated. One of the difficult things about miniatures is that you see the whole house at the same time, so the rooms have to not just be co-ordinated internally, but look good with all the other rooms. Non-mini people don't understand this (hence the teasing) but they appreciate it when they see the finished product!
  14. Cuppa-Tea

    Victorian Cottage

    for Beechbrook Foundation Fundraiser
  15. Cuppa-Tea


    Absolutely the coooooolest thing! What a space-saver for a little cottage! Very authentic, I should think. I truly want to move into this cottage. It is exactly what the Glencroft should be. I may not bother to build one now since you've done such a fantastic job! I'll just come here and visit. I'm not kidding! How could I top this? :w00t:
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