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  1. I put "at someone's house" because it would be nice to bring some thing along to share, or photos, and it would be easier at a house. But of course, it's a little wierd with the whole "Internet thing" so a restaurant might be a good idea, too. I live pretty far south, so I may not be able to attend, depending where it is. I mean, if it's a three-hour drive from me I would probably pass. Amazing how looooong this state is! Hubby would probably not let me go to a stranger's house anyway, now that I think about it. So a restaurant would be better! Christine 08081 Another i
  2. I live in South Jersey, near Philadelphia. The only place I know of that is still open, is Really Little Real Estate in Haddon Heights. Fingertip Fantasies, in Concord, PA, is not that far from Longwood Gardens, in Southeast PA. I've heard that there is a store in Philly, but haven't been able to find out what it's called. Sadly, Cape May Miniatures is gone! That was my favorite store.
  3. That was tough! It made me cross-eyed after a while. But my score was perfect. Thanks for sharing! (I agree with the person who said, "If things don't match in my dollhouse, it must be bad taste." LOL!!! I admit I have no decorating sense, but at least now I know that I know my colors!)
  4. Hi, everyone! I haven't been on the forum for a while, as I have been just too busy to do minis. I know, blasphemy! Anyway, I will be going to the Philly show (actually, it's in Cherry Hill, NJ.) I tried to get someone to go with me, but nobody I know wanted to or was free to come along. :nana: Does anyone from here want to meet at the show tomorrow morning and walk around together? I will be there tomorrow at 10, but I can't stay past 12:30 because I have something else in the afternoon, and am usually visually overstimulated at these things after two hours anyway. I haven't bee
  5. I'm a contract killer. It's the Miss Marple approach... you look totally innocent while talking to someone about dollhouses, then Wham! Right in the heart with an X-acto knife. Actually, I'm currently unemployed, but I just finished my first year as a middle school math teacher. I'm not sure if I'll do that again next year or not. It was so overwhelming. I'm hoping to find something part-time, like maybe adjunct teaching at a community college. In my former life I was a biostatistician. That is, someone who does statistical design and analysis for clinical trials. Then I was
  6. Hi Tracy! The family are all well. My son is still gorgeous and did excellently in Kindergarten. His K. graduation photo is on my blog. How is Sarah doing? And everything/everyone else? Hey there, Heidi! I was just thinking of you the other day. I was at Barnes and Noble and when you walk in, between the two sets of doors, they had a book about Audrey Hepburn displayed with the photo you used to have on your posts. I love your new icon! How are you doing?
  7. http://christinescottage.blogspot.com/2008...age-wanted.html Hi everyone. Well, the school year is finally over and I am back online! I need a cottage photo for my blog, Christine's Cottage. I'm asking people to post links to photos of cottages in the "Comment" section of the blog. If you have a really nice one, please share it! Christine
  8. This is so funny I couldn't even laugh out loud to it... My mouth was open in a caricature of a laugh and tears were streaming down my face! I have seen this comedienne before and I'm sorry I can't recall her name.... she is fantastic! I hope it brings a smile to your face today! I just HAD to post it!
  9. I'm working on it, Holly! But i've only had five days to learn... I've never taught Middle School before. My previous experience was with college kids, when I was a teaching assistant.
  10. I survived my first week as well... teaching. I am doing this so that my son can get free tuition at the private Christian school, and because it's a good way to earn some extra income on a family-friendly schedule. Plus we get free aftercare, so I can stay and do teacher stuff after school and he is having fun with other kids. He started Kindergarten this week. Also I'm doing it because I really believe in Christian Education. I am thrilled with the school and the supportive staff and principal. We don't get paid very much, so everyone who is there is doing it as a ministry and beca
  11. My concern with this is that the chemicals from the plastic bag can leach into the food when heated and cause cancer. Isn't that why only certain types of plastic are supposed to be used for microwaving? After all, plastic comes from petroleum, right? That would be my concern, though it does seem like a neat idea. I make omelettes in a teflon pan... I know it's supposed to be bad for you too! But there's very little mess. I use Pam spray as well so they don't stick. My sis has a cool little microwave Nordic Ware thingy for cooking eggs - poached eggs - that is really nice.
  12. Well, we finally left negative feedback because the disc never arrived and it's been more than seven weeks since DH paid for it. The seller has not answered our repeated requests for shipping info. Voila! This morning we get an email with a priority mail tracking number and the comment that "it's neither of our fault that the email wasn't going through." DUDE! You said you burned a disc and mailed it to us July 27th! Clearly he lied about that, especially since he had to ask for our address yet again. He posted a comment in response to the feedback stating that he was losing money o
  13. That is so cute, Susanne. I can just picture her!!!! My cat Malley used to be very dainty about the box. I think she didn't like the sensation of litter between her toes.
  14. My sister feels the same way. She can't work because of chronic fatigue syndrome. For her it's not so much guilt over not having material things, but the constant guilt over not being able to stick to their budget and always borrowing from savings to catch up, and the fact that they have nothing at all for retirement, and that they can't afford to do things with their boys. It's not the material things that matter so much to her because they get lots of great hand-me-downs from other families, but it's being able to get out of the house and GO somewhere and DO something! To be able t
  15. I think that the reason this is a hot topic right now is that there is a growing trend for college-educated women in their late 20's and their 30's to quit their jobs to stay home with their kids, or to find some kind of option for job sharing, part time work or whatever. At least this is what I have read. I think it's shocking the heck out of the feminists whose heads are still in the 60's. They can't understand why women would actually choose to stay home in such an "unfulfilling" role. We have choices! We have options. I am so grateful for that! I actually enjoy bein
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