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  1. Anya

    1:12th scale Sculptures 2014-

    Handmade mixed media.
  2. Anya

    The happy Prince

    I am sorry for my late reply I hadn't even seen these comments here. Yes I am also a fan of Oscar Wilde's stories, especially The Happy Prince.
  3. Anya

    Hunter Of The Hinterland

    I make them from jewellrey wire and then I coat them in liquid latex that has been coloured... and then I make tiny claws out of very thin sheets of acrylic that I make myself. Thank you for your comment, nice to see you on DA too
  4. Fantastic idea, I love them. Very pretty!
  5. Thank you so much, it's much appreciated!
  6. Anya

    Tudor Inn

    Wouldn't you just want to be 1:12th scale for a day just so you could wander about in this house!
  7. Anya

    Tudor Inn

    How stunning is this?! Just beautiful, really.
  8. Sorry for the late reply Havanaholly, it's great to be back too :hug:
  9. Hi Havanaholly, long time no see. I am really going to try that rubber cement, it sounds like good stuff. Where can I get it from? I hope it is called the same thing in the UK. What is iron on wood veneer strips? I'm so glad to be getting back into dolls houses now my daughter is older I have more time.
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