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  1. Anya

    1:12th scale Sculptures 2014-

    Handmade mixed media.
  2. Anya

    The happy Prince

    I am sorry for my late reply I hadn't even seen these comments here. Yes I am also a fan of Oscar Wilde's stories, especially The Happy Prince.
  3. Anya

    Hunter Of The Hinterland

    I make them from jewellrey wire and then I coat them in liquid latex that has been coloured... and then I make tiny claws out of very thin sheets of acrylic that I make myself. Thank you for your comment, nice to see you on DA too
  4. Fantastic idea, I love them. Very pretty!
  5. Thank you so much, it's much appreciated!
  6. Anya

    Tudor Inn

    Wouldn't you just want to be 1:12th scale for a day just so you could wander about in this house!
  7. Anya

    Tudor Inn

    How stunning is this?! Just beautiful, really.
  8. Anya

    The Happy Prince

    Thanks I did attempt to make dolls before but I wasnt happy with them and werent based on realism more like characters so this one is basically a different style and technique. Now I hope to make sculptures that look like real people but I am way off yet. Its fun experimenting though.
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