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  1. Thank you so much for the link Greg! That house is gorgeous!
  2. I'm seeking information on American Craft Products dollhouses. I've already looked at Newt's blog, but couldn't find much information on this manufacturer. Was the company bought out by another and does it operate under a different name, or did the company go defunct? What years were they in operation? Did they offer kits or completed shells? Answers to these questions and any other information you might be able to provide would really be appreciated!
  3. They're even more gorgeous in person than in photos!
  4. Sounds like you got a wonderful deal! Congratulations and enjoy your new kit!
  5. Best wishes to both of you and I hope he recovers quickly! Hugs
  6. Sixty-five dollars sounds like a wonderful price for that kit! If it were me, I'd snap it up!
  7. They are real cuties! Congratulations on your find!
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