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  1. Take care, hang in there and best of luck with your job search! Hopefully, you will be called for an interview soon and land a really good job position! Hugs
  2. I probably should be spring cleaning as I've been away for the past few months, but instead I've been painting and stuccoing the larger pieces of the Aster Cottage and now waiting for the paint to dry.
  3. I've been hooked on doll houses nearly my whole life. When I was three or four, I got a tin lithograph dollhouse with the little plastic people and furniture for Christmas. I played with it all the time for a couple of years until I fell on it and bent it in half.
  4. ToScaleHouser


    Your Willowcrest is the prettiest I've seen yet! Love the color scheme and everything else about it! Scrumptious!
  5. Your chaise lounge is absolutely fabulous!
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