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  1. corispice


    You made those ceramic pieces? They are really, really good and have a very realistic shape to them. I'm enjoying looking through this album, alot of the details are great!
  2. I love the blue, and the shingles really do make it special. Nice job!
  3. Your frosting looks so real, and delicious!
  4. That just looks so cool... the house will be able to grow up with her! Your shingles are esepecailly cool, and I love the stone finish.
  5. corispice

    RGt Vermont Farmhouse Jr.

    Built for my niece who will be born in a month and named Kylie! I am so excited to become an aunt, and will be the coolest ever!
  6. corispice


    This kitchen is awesome, and is going to look so cool with food and things in it. I've seen this furniture for sale, and thought about buying it, but seeing it here makes me really want it!
  7. corispice

    living room

    I adore this wallpaper!
  8. corispice

    Dollhouse Aquarium

    Your fishtank is awesome! It looks so real.
  9. That is just fantastic and beautiful. You have a gift with floors!
  10. corispice

    playing around

    Love the kitchen, I am obsessed with the ReacJapan chairs... they look so perfect in your contemporary ranch!
  11. You've done an absolutely charming job!
  12. corispice


    I think I saw this and almost bid on it. This HOM kit always causes a bidding war, but it looks really great with the paper.
  13. corispice


    I love this house, it's the kind of house I would buy in RL if I could!
  14. Just absolutely gorgeous! You do beautiful floors!
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