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  1. I like it a lot, the colors are cute and I like how it's versatile enough to grow up with her... it's appropriate for a little girl to play with, but as she gets older, it seems like the house can grow with her and become a heirloom with more grown up furniture and stuff. Good job!
  2. You have 20? That is insane! Which one is your favorite? I would love to have a Bow Wow Trad but they are so expensive. Thanks for the compliments!
  3. For a long time I wanted a Blythe doll, and in July my boyfriend got me one for my birthday. Then for Christmas he got me 2 more! I think they are so cute, and they fit in with my other hobbies (I'd love to make them a 1/6 scale house or shelf house, and I also love to collect Re-ment and other cutesy Japanese goods). People sell Blythe clothes all over Etsy, but they are so expensive, so I've been teaching myself to sew. I also got a sewing machine for Christmas! Anyway, the dresses on the brown haired doll in both pictures I made by hand from free patterns on the internet. I'm really proud of the striped one b/c it has a collar that looks like a collar and the sleeves aren't wonky like mine usually are. Also, it has bust darts! Yay!
  4. Thank you so much! I've kind of been "off" of minis for a few months now, and some of these projects look to be just right to get the inspiration kick-started!
  5. Those look AWESOME! At first I thought your photos were clips from the movie, your dollhouse looks that real! I love it!
  6. I get both Miniature Collector and DHM right now, but actually wish I would have cancelled Miniature Collector and subscribed to American Miniaturist instead. DHM is a good middle ground, even if it is bi-monthly, there are usually at least a few projects I'd like to do, and cut outs, whereas MC seems to have a lot of stuff about really old toy dollhouses and auctions and less DIY or budget friendly things. From what I've seen of American Miniaturist (I've bought a few copies at my local shop) it had some a nice mix of "Wow" stuff and also things I could make. The U.K. magazines also seem pretty good, from the few times I have had... som enice projects, but all of the shop and show info is for the U.K. I'm like you, I love to read things on the couch or on the bus on my way to work.
  7. corispice


    You made those ceramic pieces? They are really, really good and have a very realistic shape to them. I'm enjoying looking through this album, alot of the details are great!
  8. I love the blue, and the shingles really do make it special. Nice job!
  9. Your frosting looks so real, and delicious!
  10. I have ordered way too much from them in the last few months, last week I ordered because I didn't want to let $22 bonus dollars fade away... but when I did that, I promised myself I wouldn't order from HBS for a while.
  11. That just looks so cool... the house will be able to grow up with her! Your shingles are esepecailly cool, and I love the stone finish.
  12. I have been contemplating buying one and making it super girly, rose with burgundy and cream trim, perhaps (I saw a house painted these colors this weekend when visiting my parents). Maybe with shabby chic/ French style furniture, very girly. I think of all of my other 2 houses as very masculine, at least on the exterior, so it will be fun to get away from brick and Liberty Blue and make something super feminine. Oh, yes, and it will need a chandelier! And climbing flowers.
  13. I've been fascinated bu the Willowcrest since I first read about it mentioned here-- it has such a mystique. I have almost bid on it so many times when they pop un Ebay, but then felt guilty because I know some people want it so much and because the price would probably end up going so high... now, I am so excited that I think it will be my next dh purchase!
  14. I've been admiring the house and the thought behind it since you started the gallery for it a bit ago, and I love how beautiful the house is, and I think you have a beautiful heart, too. Tabby is going to love it!
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