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  1. You know how much I love your gorgeous scratch-built house - you are doing a fantastic job on it! But, I do think if you want yours to be a French Chateau, you really are going to need to use this style of roof. When I look at the flat-roof version, I think English or Georgian.
  2. You did a beautiful job on it! It couldn't be prettier!
  3. What a beautiful job! And, YES, it DOES look like 86 parts to me! OUTSTANDING!
  4. Oh, how fun and adorable!!! I've never seen anything like this!
  5. I have a real thing about beautiful miniature china, and this set is just gorgeous!!!!! And, how special to have gotten them in Scotland (a place I would dearly love to visit!).
  6. This is just beautiful! You have a wonderful talent for bringing all of the little details together.
  7. What a cozy, sweet room! You did a beautiful job on the darling quilt!
  8. I think it's the prettiest bathroom I've seen!
  9. Everything is absolutely beautiful, and your landscaping is superb. Bravo!
  10. Good Heavens! If this is your first build, you are off to an insanely successful start. This is spectacular!
  11. This is such a wonderful, comfy room! The layout is lovely.
  12. That miniature Bliss-style house is TOO cute! Where in the world did you find it?
  13. I love the pretty desk, and those wonderful casual flowers in the vase. Perfect detail work!
  14. What a wonderful view! I love how real this looks. You did yourself proud!
  15. I built one of these about a week ago, but haven't started thinking beyond the shell . . . this one shall inspire me . . . it is just beautiful!
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