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  1. Sorry for the late response, thank you ladies for these great suggestions! I’m finding the reupholstery project to be more challenging than I expected.
  2. Holy Cow, I just moved to a different state, but six months ago I could have practically walked over there from my mother's house to check it out!
  3. Hi all - I want to try my hand at reupholstering some dining chairs. I have looked everywhere I can think of but it doesn't seem that there is much availability for the tiny trim that would be needed to finish the edges, where the fabric meets the wooden part, to make it look neat. Has anyone found a good source for this, or maybe know of another way to solve the issue? Thanks :)
  4. I absolutely love the tray over the bathtub with the book and the wine glass. I totally intend to steal this idea for my dollhouse - I already have a real one for my real bathtub!
  5. Thanks Jeannine. I definitely like the idea of incorporating coffee into the dollhouse strategy, since that would combine two things that I love passionately 😝 Keeping in mind that I’m new to updating purchased furniture, when you say “spray it to set it” what do you mean, spray it with what?
  6. Thanks Karin! I bought quite a bit of cheap doll house furniture I bought when I was in a hurry to fill the house. Almost all of it has this ugly, shiny red stain I guess it supposed to look like cherry wood. The gel paint stripper you mention, sounds like this would be a way for me to attack the furniture I don’t like! (Also, this is the second time around for my obsession and it’s looking like it might be even more intense, which I wouldn’t have thought possible!)
  7. Wow, thanks so much! I read through these three excellent responses and now my brain is percolating a combination of all three suggestions. And if I screw it up too badly I can use the link in Emily’s post to create a completely new globe! Have a great weekend all and thanks again😊
  8. Hello, I haven’t been an active participant in a long time but I recently became re-obsessed with my dollhouse. I have this little globe and it looks too new/fake. I was trying to think of a way to make it look older but afraid of destroying it by experimenting. – and if anyone would know it would be here! Thanks for any suggestions 🙂
  9. Holly, is there a brand you recommend? Can you use this in pretty much the same way as the wax? Does it not leave residue?
  10. Hi - I googled and searched the forums but didn't find anything on this. I use museum wax to stick everything on the walls of my dollhouse - at the moment they are painted only (but I'm going to attempt wallpaper in the near future!) I love this stuff, but it has a dark side. Every time I change my mind and move something, which is often, I have a really hard time getting the residue of the wax off the walls. Is there a tried and true method to do this? Thank you!
  11. I made my husband cut two new floors for my house so I could leave out the stairs. I wanted lots of room for furniture and "stuff." It doesn't bother me at all. I think in houses where there is no hallway for them, the stairs sometimes don't look realistic anyway.
  12. Where can I see pictures of these literary houses, they sound awesome!! I am not able to see any of the pictures that posters have added to this thread, I get an error message
  13. Well, I'm starting to realize that I don't have a problem with it! I saw this elderly Victorian couple on a website the other day, and I can't get them out of my mind. So I am pretty sure that before too long I will buy them. And a maid for them. And then I will name them all and play with them.
  14. When I first started building my house, I was firmly convinced that it would never have dolls in it. In fact, on my blog I have tried to consistently refer to it as a Mini House. I think that in my mind, having dolls would make it seem less like I was participating in an arts and crafts hobby and more like I was...well, a grown woman playing with dolls. But as I've wandered around on this site and on the big wide wonderful world of blogs devoted to this hobby, I've seen a lot of really cute and effective use of dolls. Now I'm starting to think I might want to add them if I can find some that I like - I especially like the idea of a maid doll, probably because I can't afford a real maid, LOL. So I was wondering how others approach this important issue of dolls in their dollhouses?
  15. I usually wait until maybe the first or second weekend in January. But this year, I had everything up the very next day after Thanksgiving, and I enjoyed the heck out of it, but for the first time by New Year's Day I was ready to take it down. So I did. I think I will do that from now on, I really liked starting off the New Year with that task (which always bums me out) hanging over my head.
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