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  1. Yep I bought a couple of friends sets and they were okay but my daughter was so not interested in them. She would rather build a "real" town
  2. Wow! My favorite of the ones we have built so far is the lighthouse. It has a light brick so the tower actually lights! We have built an ocean around it and there is a man swimming for his life away from a shark. We also have an ambulance picking up a lego man who was injured in traffic on his bike, with a very sad mime running towards the scene. If I could fins my camera charger I would upload a picture. Also they just came out with the lord of the rings series! Which is definitely on my list!
  3. So hello have not been around for sometime. I am working a lot, my second is graduating 8th grade and moving onto high school but I still have the Princess to play dolls wth . My Princess Rhubarb is 7 now and has decided we should make a lego city. I ran across this video today and thought my dollhouse brethren would enjoy it. not doing much today have the day off with the kids and am doing some studying for A & P... Anyway enjoy all.... love to you all Arda
  4. Please do I have tons! I am on vacation right now but will be home next week!
  5. No kidding! I was planning on keeping my favorites and then selling off the excess of the dolls to help her repair her home she is planning on renting out. The dolls belonged to her sister in law who has demntia. She is goin to rent the house out to another coworker of ours with a disabled daughter. There are more than just shortcakes but I haven't gone through em all yet!
  6. So my coworker gave me 50 tubs of dolls that her sister inlaw owned, I am storing them in another co-workers barn. I have taken a few home to go through. I have run across a ton of shortcake dolls and friends. Some have clothes some are nude I was looking to do grab bags of five to ten dolls each. I also have a snail cart in the box and a couple of "berry best party" dolls on the card. I have a price in mind for the grab bags. Too many to post pix. Email me if you are interested. Thanks guys!
  7. Has anyone built one? They are so pretty, found them while cruising ebay. Are they hard? Hope all is well in Dolly world.
  8. Ha Ha thanks Holly. I hope so, just a little nervous cause I work the NOcs shift and have class about an hour after I get off shift...yikes :yikes:
  9. Thanks all I am super proud and I was excited too because the counselor I was dealing with totally understood why I was having her start her general ed early. He graduated high school at 17 and already had a years worth of college courses done. He has already finished grad school and he was in his mid 20's. Audra- I am an LVN but am trying to get ready to do my RN have lots of fun pre-req's to take..sarcasm ...but it will pay off in the end Holly-I am still thinking about it but we figured one day at a time, we'll see how she does taking the summer class and then maybe she can tutor on
  10. Hi I don't have these sets but, there is a re-ment group on flikr and sometimes they do swaps there, also there is Priscilla Queen of NRFB's site... Check these if you haven't already good luck
  11. Well, I am going to summer school and I decided that my two oldest should take a summer class at the college too. Since we live in a prison town they can take a correspondence class if it is available. My 13 year old takes the assesment test tomorrow. My 14 year old took it on the friday past. She tested so high they offered her a job as a tutor at the college! I had her turn it down beacuse she helps out babysitting when I am at work and I didn't want to put too much pressure on her. So, for now she will be taking the Algebra class with me. I wanted to take it by correspondence but it's not a
  12. Thanks, my kids joke that they mother me. Whenever we go to walmart and I buy toys the cashiers always say to my 6 year old "Is it your birthday?" and her reply with the saddest of faces is "Nooooo these are Mommie's toys" ha ha..of course I share, but you know kids
  13. Well Holly I registered for a summer class. I am gonna have to figure out how to be without sleep this summer! :yikes:
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