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  1. Thank you all for the great information on hinges,!!!! I think I will try pinning them next. On the Garfield, I also tried using bias tape and its ok but not great. Next I will attempt the tyvek and see how that works....I am a little late on the 2013 spring fling kit, but its ok since I have a new granddaughter, 12/30.13 to build for now... Thanks all for the great info.!
  2. What is the best way to do hinges on the doors of the Garfield, or for that matter, any of ther 1" doll houses. The scale brass hinges just dont seem to be as robust as they should be for a childs doll house.
  3. I want to know how to hinger the doors on these houses? What kinds of material is used to make these hinges.
  4. I am looking for suggestions on how to hinge the doors on the GHarfield House.
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