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  1. The Clover is my choice and I love it. Handy for many crafts, especially DH minis!
  2. >Soapz/Chris, I have the bacterial type of folliculitis. I am interested in the soap nuts, they sound eco friendly. economical, easy to use. I have a small apartment stacked washer/dryer set. How many would I use for it? I am going to get the trial size and give it a go. The Emuaid soap I use now is very rich and has been very effective in calming the itch and burn that I had been living with for years. http://www.emuaid.com/product/therapeutic-moisture-bar I try and keep things as clean as possible, including my poodle, so I don't happen to touch my head and transfer anything. I am shifting to using more and more natural products with natural anti-bacterials. >Debra Thanks for the positive thoughts, this is not a known side effect of any of my medication. Now the dry mouth, I use Biotene for that, and it works rather well. That is a side effect I could do without. >Holly I have a wide variety of hats now, I have specifically chosen or made then super bright colors too. > All the rest of you Positive people....THANKS for the positive energy, thoughts and prayers. I can honestly say, my scalp is better today than when I first cut my hair off at Thanksgiving time. I am not always as patient as I should be, and want results yesterday.
  3. Hi all Well I thought it was time to update the head sore topic. I did see progress, while my hair was very short. Things were improving and there were no new outbreaks. Over the last 2 weeks, as my hair has gotten longer than 1/2 inch I have had new breakouts and those that were almost healed have become aggravated again. I dread the thought of having it shaved down again, but I think it may be necessary. I have been taking pictures since the first day of cutting off the hair back in Nov. and they do show the healing and now aggravation of certain areas. So when the snow stops (ahahaaa) I will call my dear, sympathetic hairdresser and have her shave it down again. Then take more pictures to the Dr. The Emuaid soap and salve are still effective, so I am going to keep using those. I keep asking myself; is it the hair itself? does the length of the hair cover the exposed skin enough to affect it? what does the hair attract (dust, etc) that aggravates my scalp? Sometimes I want to peel myself of this skin and regrow something newer and better. How painful would that be? Well friends, I do appreciate all your information and support, keep it coming. Some days you all are the only human contact I have and it means so much to me that you are out there.
  4. Thanks Selkie....I will check the album. I know my internet was super slow last night but I attributed that to the razing storm and high winds. Holly....just but a doll kit...I think MiniKitz has some that are fairly inexpensive. Then you could practice! But I bet you could do it without direction, you just need some parts.
  5. Hello my mini friends; I have been silent but busy since New Years. Between snow storms I have been knitting and on Friday the 13th (Feb) I assembled doll bodies. WHAT? I know, I know show me the stuff. Look for a new album called "Of the People" and in "Miniatue Knitting" So additions to the knitting album are in, and yes I am ready to progress down in size. I downloaded and purchased some miniature knit patterns and ordered in all the below zero sizes of needles, and silk, cotton and wool thread...yes thread to work with. First up, a simple skirt. I figure since it will be mostly knitting a rectangle, I should be okay. Pictures to follow of course. PEOPLE....my goodness I ended up with 28 of them. Twenty women and eight men. The mix is old to young and in a few skin shades. Many are from my favorite doll maker Sandra Calderon, whom is currently not producing any more doll parts due to expenses. You will see her work in the faces, especialy the lighter skins. I tried a few from another doll maker and her work is rosier, so you can tell the difference. Some of them came in blank, and I have tried to paint their faces. Mine are not as delicate as the others. But all the arms, legs, hands, heads and bodies were put together, then wrapped with soft fleece scraps and craft batting scraps. I tried to make differnt body types, and heights. There is still painting to do of shoes, faces and other details. Most need wigs or hair and all are naked right now. I am sorry if any one is offended by the body parts painted on the women, they came that way. I have chosen to work with the customers for Vlad's Blood Bar first, but may veer off course. Vlad is the guy on the far left of the picture with all 8 male dolls shown. The women are picked out of the closer shots in the album. I plan to make Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Vampira, Lily Munster, Morticia Adams, Bride of Frankenstein, Samantha Steven of Bewitched and possibly the Wicked Witch of the West, (did I miss anyone?). It is going to be ladies night at Vlad's! To make this happen I have to darken the eyebrows and lips of the dolls, and maybe even dry paint them lighter. Then all the long black locks go on, probably after they are dressed. I have many pictues of these characters printed out to use as guides. Of course there will be pictures along the way for all of you to enjoy. Thinking about it, I may have a few naked peeps in another box, I will have to look for them tomorrow. They may be in a state of mid dressing, hummmm. Treasure hunting tomorrow during the snow storm. Well Enjoy my Pretties...and look out for your little dogs.
  6. Violet2Dawn

    Long dress

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Zero needles, worked sideways in garter stitch. Not sure I like working that way. The yarn worked ok for striping and it looks nice on.
  7. Violet2Dawn

    Spring Forest

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    This dress and the colors look like a forest in spring. The greens are really lighter and more yellow than the photo shows. A very cute dress. My nieces may not get this one. Zero needles.
  8. From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Okay, really this the end of this yarn color combo. Another hat, I cant throw any yarn away of any length for some reason.
  9. Violet2Dawn

    Long sleeves

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Finally ventured into the long sleeve. Nice pattern in the yarn, yes I cut and tied the yarn to make the strips work out. Zero needles again.
  10. Violet2Dawn

    Mini Blues

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Easy mini dress for Barbie. Zero needles and fingering sock yarn.
  11. Violet2Dawn

    Mini Skirt

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    So this skirt features some nubbly yarn I had leftover from another project. It was differnt to work with, I had to poke the nubs tot he right side when done. Zero needles and truely scraps for the yarn.
  12. Violet2Dawn

    Pencil Skirt

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    It looks orange but is more red orange with black/grey flecks. Zero needles
  13. From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    More of this yarn I love the color combo. Zero needles.
  14. Violet2Dawn

    Chic Dress

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    This worked up so well, love the pattern it made. Halter neckline, again size 0 needles and sock yarn.
  15. Violet2Dawn

    Cable Skirt

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Same pattern at the tan one, This one is better, no mistakes and you can see the pattern well. I used a bead for the closure in back.
  16. Violet2Dawn

    Another hat

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Hat to match the dress.
  17. From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Nice simple dress in size 0 needles and fingering yarn.
  18. Violet2Dawn

    Rolled Brim Hat

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    A great way to use up scarps of yarn
  19. Violet2Dawn

    Skirt and Hat

    From the album: Knitting Small and Smaller

    Size 0 needles, sock yarn. Next picture is the matching rolled brim hat. Shirt on doll is handmade, just not by me.
  20. It has been a long year. It ended with my step-father of 40 years passing away unexpectedly on the 19th of Dec. It was quick, and that was the blessing, also that he hadn't engaged the running car into gear or had been driving. But it made for a long holiday season this year. We did push off all the formalities until the 28th and 29th, which helped. My head sores (folliculitis) has been improving slowly since I cut all my hair off. I have 3 that are completely healed now, and most of the others are shrinking. So while it tends to be cold, I think the buzz cut is working along with the Emuaid, homeopathic products. I see the Dr again next week. My fear aggressive dog, was pressed to face a few situations not to her liking during the holiday season, but she handled it well, and only growled/snapped at other dogs twice, and only growling at people. Major improvements for her and a sigh of relief from me. Due to all the unexpected family, I shoved all the miniature work into boxes and into a spare room. I have to get them out again. Knitting continues, still on Barbie scale but using smaller needles and finer threads. My nieces got a boat load of clothes for their dolls this year. So I am hopeful that 2015 will be a better year, not only for me but for all of you out there. Peaceful, Prayerful Thoughts
  21. For me built: Buttercup Astor Newburg Adams In progress: Tennyson & Vineyard
  22. Well a few things I have used include Dried coffee grounds for dirt Snow paint for stucco (Snow Flakes Winter Emporium the Astor in my gallery) Dried fresh pumpkin seeds for natural stepping stones in outdoor settings (Peter Pumpkins' Produce in my gallery) Thin natural slate for exterior finishes ( Buttercup Cottage in my gallery) Small scale wallpaper samples for mini wallpaper Cards, Magazine or wallpaper "Scenes" for framed art (Willow Fairy's Scent Shop uses a calendar page picture, in my gallery) Nail polish for "gloss" paint when needed Clear nail polish as a sealer on everything...floors, parts, paint and more
  23. Hi everyone. I dug out the 1:12 baby sweater I made in 2010. It is on a Heidi Ott baby (I think). The back came out better than the front but that project was mini knitting cold turkey...my first try, first knitting in years and I got very frustrated with it all. Here it is. New 1:6 (Barbie) clothes in the gallery, I have been working cables and lace patterns on smaller needles. I had to take time off to make a few, three hats for myself. If you follow the unrelated forum on chit chat, you would have seen that I am dealing with a bad case of Folliculitis and have cut all my hair off. Thus I needed some hats (I am not a hat person) for cold weather and public outings.
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