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  1. Violet2Dawn

    Tea Leaves Talk

    "Let me tell your fortune, come have some tea, the leaves will tell all"
  2. Violet2Dawn

    #1 Barbie

    If I hadn't put on the belt and or lowered her arms, it slides right off her.
  3. Violet2Dawn

    #7 Barbie

    It has to be me. On some level I think 'clown' when look at it.
  4. Welcome to Vlad's! The bar is just a fun place to hang out. Vlad Tempe (aka the Impaler)(Model for Dracula) has opened a blood bar in his retirement. Come and see who will show up to enjoy some spirits or blood.
  5. I love the pink outside. Great colors all over ....nice work!
  6. Violet2Dawn

    Nearly there

    Forgot to mention Willow's handicap. She has one leg shorter than the other, so she has a cane, and for stability I had to add a rod that runs down one leg to the floor so she could stand in place.
  7. Violet2Dawn

    Willow Fairy's Scent Shop

    Roombox, using 4 picture frames. Has 2 solid walls and 2 glass walls. 99% of perfume bottles made by me.
  8. I am changing the last wall from solid to glass, so I guess it won't have an official front.
  9. I can recall having Easter hats and Church hats when I was young. They lived in boxes under our beds.
  10. Note the same sign is in front of the tray with sachets and soaps.
  11. Violet2Dawn


    Me to Selkie, I wish I could have a house of violets.
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