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  1. If you work tired, you'll end up doing something silly . . . like getting the woodwork you've spent three days staining and "varnishing" it with turpentine
  2. Ok so I bought the miniature 144 scale Montgomery hall to put in my dollhouse as a dollhouse. My plan was to furnish it with printies, either folded or glued to blocks of balsa wood, except now the site I had bookmarked to use the printies from is no more and I can't find a printable victorian stove anywhere! Can anyone please help me out?
  3. I love them! I also love the fact that my great-grandmother used to make them for my nana and her sisters, and that's why my nana bought them for me as a child and taught me to make my own. It sort of gives it a history that makes it more meaningful.
  4. I want to learn to use fimo. There's so many things I would love to make that fimo would be perfect for.
  5. Lol I had a blonde moment and thought that meant sewing machines that make you a cup of tea! That'd be handy though. I used to collect dolls, about ten years ago I came up with a grand plan to get Barbies, repaint their faces and redress them in historically accurate costumes. . . now I have a wardrobe full of naked Barbies and boxes of vintage fabric and ONE doll I redressed. I also sort of collect paper dolls. . . but only ones I've made, and to make them I collect pictures of anything to do with historical clothing.
  6. Thanks Sadly he's getting old (he's 14) and not cleaning himself properly anymore or letting me brush him (without needing blood transfusions after) so I'm going to have to get him clipped, which I'm really dreading.
  7. There is no such thing as too much masking tape! Whether you're buying it or using it to hold pieces in place while the glue dries. I think I've used more masking tape in the last six weeks than I've seen in my life before.
  8. I love building things and I love decorating things. I'm a little more keen on the decorating part though. I want to try building from scratch one day, instead of a kit, but I'm not confident enough yet.
  9. Oh wow! That cooker is AMAZING! Sounds like main points are the right glue, SPRAY primer, be gentle and actually wear my reading glasses for a change. Thanks guys
  10. Yes! That's what I've got!. . . mine doesn't have the ball though, that'd probably make it more comfortable
  11. I'm pin hinging the doors on my Garfield. (I think it looks neater) The advice I was given by the man in my local hobby shop was if you pin hinge on plywood 1/8 " thick, not to use power tools. I'm using something called a pin vice (sorry don't have a picture) which is a little thing that holds tiny drill bits and you use it in your hand like a screwdriver. It's really easy, but you do have to sand the doors a lot to get them to swivel properly.
  12. I discovered this website yesterday for Phoenix miniatures http://www.phoenixmodeldevelopments.com/acatalog/index.html And I have absolutely fallen in love with the detail on their pieces, but before I buy any I wanted to know, has anyone here had them before? How difficult is it to prepare and paint white metal miniatures?
  13. I'm actually looking forward to the making bits and pieces part! I know it'll take longer than just buying stuff and be fiddly and probably have lots of mistakes along the way but it will also be the best way of getting exactly what I want for the house instead of just having to chose from what companies make.
  14. I found it easier to do my kitchen steps with the foundation upside down, I think I may have put the floor on first too. There's a sort of hole once the floor goes on, you put one of the square pieces at each end of the hole. Then the riser goes longways between the porch floor and the step andthe step goes over the hole. I hope that makes sense, I'm not very good at explaining things.
  15. I think she has a lovely face for Mary! Her hair is kind of short but small children often have had shorter hair and it sounds like you're setting them when the girls were quite young. Incidentally just thought I'd share a picture of the real Ingalls girls. Mary would have been a teenager here (my guess is 15 or 16) Left to Right : Carrie, Mary and Laura
  16. Hi, I'm a new member. I'm building my first dollhouse, the Garfield; because it's something I've always wanted to do. Even though I only started planning it in October and building less than a month ago, I'm a teensy bit obsessd. It's eating all my time and spare cash and even thought this one is barely started, half the time I'm thinking about the house I'm going to build next when this one is "finished". . . pretty sure it will never be finished. I'm loving it, even though I'm fairly sure my family thinks I'm losing my mind and are getting really blank looks on their faces whenever I start rambling (AGAIN) about miniature woodtrim and wallpaper and the best way to hang doors.
  17. Super! I know I already have some tacky glue in my toolbox! Sounds like it won't be as hard as I thought
  18. These are some pretty simple patterns for non-functional purses. Use a photocopier or printer to make them the size you want. Cut two in card of the shape you like. Cover the outside with fabric, then glue the two halves together back to back. Straps can be made from leather thong, button thread, soucatache braid, or anything you can find. Gold beads can be buttons or a clasp. But if you use that system, you don't really even need a pattern, just your imagination. Bother! Pictures didn't work! Will try to fix that!
  19. Hi, I'm building my first dollhouse - the Garfield; and have a query regarding installing ceiling roses. The ceiling roses I've bought are made of resin and I'm a little concerned that if I attach them with wood glue they won't hold over time. What is usually used to attatch resin to plywood? Hot glue? PVA? Or would I be better off using a resin epoxy?
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